IV:07:02 General Fees

1. Establishment of Fees and Charges:

The Tennessee Board of Regents must establish or approve all institutional fees and charges unless specific exceptions are provided. The Board has adopted a practice of approving changes in fees and charges one time per year at the Board meeting when the annual operating budgets are considered. This is usually done at the regular June meeting of the Board. Fees and charges which require Board approval should be submitted one month prior to the submission of the proposed budget.

The president is responsible for the enforcement and collection of all fees and charges. Fees and charges which specifically do not require Board approval must receive formal approval by the president or designee.

When information on fees and charges are published the following information should be included:

a. All statements which include the fee amount should be complete and specific enough to prevent misunderstanding by readers.

b. Where a fee is quoted, the refundable status should be clearly stated. If there are qualifying conditions for refunds, those conditions also should be stated. If there is no refund, it should be labeled as non-refundable.

c. Wherever possible, specific dates related to the payment of fees and the refundable status should be stated.

d. It should be made clear that all fee levels and conditions are subject to change at any time.

2. Approval of Exceptions:

The president or designate has the authority to determine the applicability of certain fees, fines, charges, and refunds, and to approve exceptions in instances of unusual circumstances. All such actions should be properly documented for auditing purposes.

3. Appeals Process:

Separate appeals processes have been established for the different types of fees, charges, and refunds. In all circumstances the final appeal may be made to the president or a designee.

4. Payment of Student Fees:

As provided in VSCC policy IV:07:08:

An applicant for admission to the college will be considered and counted as a student when all assessed fees have been paid in cash, when the initial minimum payment due under the deferred payment plan has been paid, or when an acceptable commitment from an agency or organization approved by the college has been received by the college. An applicant shall possess an acceptable commitment when he/she has timely submitted an application for financial aid with the reasonable probability of receiving such. It is the Director of Financial Aid's responsibility to accept and approve commitments from agencies or organizations and to record the commitment into the Student Information System (SIS). The Director of Financial Aid will also determine if a student has timely submitted an application for financial aid with reasonable probability of receiving aid.

Pursuant to the above condition, payment of all applicable fees or payment of the initial minimum payment due under the deferred payment plan(IV:07:01)prior to the regular registration period is required for students who participated in the advanced or pre-registration process prior to the official registration period. Students who do not prepay all fees or have an acceptable approved financial aid deferment will forfeit pre-registration privileges and must enroll under the normal registration process. The Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance and the Director of Financial Aid are authorized to approve exceptions to this paragraph.

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