Accelerated Advanced EMT

The Accelerated Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AAEMT or Street to AEMT) program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as medical care providers (including recognition, assessment, and basic to advanced management) in a pre-hospital emergency setting. The program provides a foundation in EMS by taking the student through the process of EMS education starting with Basic EMT and includes additional knowledge and an expanding skill set beyond the EMT scope of practice. This includes seven courses to be completed all within the same semester. Courses follow the current U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum. Successful completion of these courses will render the student eligible for licensure as an Advanced EMT in the state of Tennessee.

AAEMT - Total Certificate 18 Hours

EMSA 1150 Basic EMT B/A Clinical 1
EMSA 1250 EMT First Responder 2
EMSA 1260 Basic EMT B/A Skills Lab 2
EMSA 1350 Introduction to EMT B/A 3
EMSA 2250 EMT B/A Field Internship 2
EMSA 2260 Advanced EMT B/A Skills 2
EMSA 2650 Advanced EMT B/A 6


Seating in this program is competitive. Qualified AEMT applicants must:

  • Complete a satisfactory score in an EMT-level knowledge examination
  • Apply to the College and change major to AAEMT certification
  • Proof of immunity is required for MMR, Varicella Zoster (Chicken Pox), and Hepatitis B
  • Meet the reading requirement of a 12th-grade reading level by either:
    • ACT
    • SAT
    • Compass or Accuplacer Test Score
    • Successful completion in ENGL 1010
  • Submit all transcripts from previous college-level courses to Admissions (as applicable)
  • Meet program-specific requirements

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