The Volunteer State Community College astronomy offerings are designed to meet the general education science requirements for associate's and bachelor's degrees. Courses are offered in a variety of formats including traditional, hybrid and video. There is a strong emphasis on observation, with students in the traditional sections working regularly with five-inch refracting telescopes. There are also opportunities for independent study courses for motivated students. Previous independent study students have done projects such as measuring the diameter of the earth and recording data during lunar eclipses to study earth's atmosphere.

Area Amateur Astronomy Clubs

Other Links and Resources

Vanderbilt's Dyer Observatory will have public nights (extra credit) in 2007.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - A new, "cool" picture each day!

SEDS and JPL have very nice, comprehensive information about the Solar System.

Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazines have comprehensive websites for observers and amateur astronomers.

Check out the Astronomical League to find regional clubs and events.

The Atlas of the Universe shows the universe at various scales from a few light years to 10 billion light years.