Vol State Virtual Events this Week

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Feb. 22 The History of Race and Hollywood, Presenter: Dr. Frank E. Dobson, Jr, Vanderbilt University, 12:30-1:30pm, everyone welcome to attend via Zoom:

Feb. 23 Join the Fit Club for support with exercise, nutrition, water intake, and overall self-care. 1pm via Zoom:
Feb. 23 Anne O’Halloran on Grit, Determination, & Perseverance, 12:30pm- 1:30pm, Zoom: 23 Cybersecurity Club Meeting, The Vol State Cyber-Security Club will bring an awareness in Cyber-Security and expand the knowledge of students in the field, everyone is welcome to attend. 1:30pm-2:30pm Via Zoom:
Feb. 25 Join the Black Student Association (BSA) student club, meeting at 11:30am via Zoom:
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We're Still Teaching and Learning this Week!

1 week 6 days ago

We’re Still Teaching and Learning this Week! 

Vol State campuses may be closed (as updated daily on the webpage), but online and virtual classes continue as planned. If you have assignments due, they are still due, unless you hear otherwise from your instructor. If you have a Zoom class, it will be happening, unless you hear otherwise from your instructor. Be sure to check both your eLearn email and Vol State student email for updates from your instructors. You can also get extra academic help online this week, just as you can all semester. Here are just a few of the resources open today online: 

-Library research and help from staff online. 


-Learning Commons- tutoring services and essay drop-off available.   Essay drop-off is done on your eLearn class page. 


-Tutor-dot-com – help in many subjects. See your class eLearn page to access. 

Students experiencing a power outage should contact their instructors, as soon as possible, to find out what work they will need to make up. Everyone stay safe and warm and remember that Spring Break is just over two weeks away! 

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Vol State Virtual Events this Week

2 weeks ago

Feb. 16                  SGA Meeting, 11:15am-12:15pm, Zoom:


Feb. 18                 Black History Month Virtual Spoken Word and Poetry Slam, 12:30pm-2pm, Zoom:

Feb. 18                    Join the Vol State Veterans of American (VSVA) student club. The next meeting is Thursday, February 18 at 3:30pm via Zoom: 

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Nursing Program Applications Being Accepted Now

2 weeks 4 days ago

The nursing division is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program.  This program prepares students to apply to sit for licensure as a registered nurse.  The program is taught on the Gallatin and Livingston campuses and will accept 24 students for each location.  All applications are due April 1st.  For more information and to apply please visit our website:
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Notes About Weather

2 weeks 4 days ago

We are keeping an eye on weather conditions tonight and tomorrow. Here are some important notes just in case we have any campus closings. All of your online classes will continue as normal, despite weather conditions. All deadlines will remain the same and classes will still be held via Zoom, unless otherwise notified. If a student does have an on campus class and the campus is closed or delayed, please check your Vol State email for information from your instructor on what you will be doing in that class.
If for some reason you have a power outage or wireless issue because of weather, contact your instructors as soon as you can.
We are transitioning between two texting systems this week. So, if we do have any campus closings or delays to share we will probably send them on both systems. That will only be for this week. The new system should be fully operational by next week.
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Four Things to do Now if You are Struggling in Your Classes

2 weeks 5 days ago

It’s that time of the semester- you may feel like you are underwater with your classwork and falling behind. Take a deep breath. We are here to help you do well in your classes. Here are four things to do now if you are struggling:
-Email the instructor for each class that you are having problems with. Ask them what you can do to catch up and if they have ideas for how you can do better in their class.
-Get extra help online with free Vol State academic help services. Visit for a list.
-Make a life priority list- are there extra things you can cut or scale back on?
-If you are simply overextended, it may be time to drop a class. But that is only a last resort. You will need to check to see how that impacts your financial aid first. You are better off doing well in two classes than doing poorly in three. But do your best to keep taking at least one class. Students who drop out of all classes often have a tough time getting back.
Things are especially tough this year, so hang in there. Everyone wants to see you succeed, so reach out now if you need help!
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BSA Virtual Spoken Word and Poetry Slam

2 weeks 6 days ago

The new Black Student Association would like to invite you, your classes/students, and others within the Vol State Community to join us for the first annual BSA Virtual Spoken Word and Poetry Slam. There are two dates and themes to consider:
Black History Month Virtual Spoken Word and Poetry SlamDate: Thursday, February 18th @ 12:30 - 2:00 PM2021 Theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.
Zoom Registration: ID: 955 6095 9495
Women's History Month Virtual Spoken Word and Poetry SlamDate: Thursday, March 18th @ 12:30 - 2:00 PM2021 Theme: Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced. 
Zoom Registration: ID: 947 8616 0114
Please see the attached flyer and application to participate.

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Vol State Virtual Events this Week

3 weeks ago

Feb. 10             Nugs for Drugs, drop off unwanted prescription drugs and get chicken nuggets, 12pm-2pm, Gallatin campus C Lot

Feb. 10             America: Who Are We?, a conversation about the divisions in American culture, 12:30-1:30pm, Zoom:

Feb. 11             Brain Break, virtual scavenger hunt, 2:30pm. Zoom:

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Vol State Virtual Events this Week

1 month ago

Vol State Virtual Events this week: Jan. 26   Virtual club meeting to find out about online activities for students this spring, 5pm to 6pm via Zoom, 27   Virtual club meeting to find out about online activities for students this spring, 11:15am-12:15pm via Zoom, 27   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemoration, Screening one of King’s lesser-known speeches: “The Other America.”  12:30 PM – 2:00 PM, Zoom, 27   Virtual club meeting to find out about online activities for students this spring, 5pm-6pm via Zoom,
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Three Tips for Doing Well in Your Classes

1 month 1 week ago

We hope everyone has a great Spring Semester. Here are three tips for doing well in your classes and getting closer to your graduation goal.1. Attend your Scheduled Classes and Read All of the Course Materials for the Week in eLearn. It may seem simple, but missing classes and assignments are the most common reasons why students fall behind and get poor grades. Make sure you read and understand all of the assignments you have for the week in eLearn. Don’t skip over things. If you do have to miss a scheduled Zoom or in-person class, email your instructor to get caught up. 2. Get Organized. If you let assignments pile up you will become overwhelmed. Every class should have a course schedule in eLearn that describes due dates for the semester, even if just for the next week or two. Start your own personal calendar to remind you of what you should be working on and when it is due. Do this for all of your classes. 3. Ask for help. If you don’t understand something, ask the instructor. You can do that before or after class starts, even on Zoom. See what the instructor prefers. You can also email your instructor in eLearn. If you want extra help with papers and assignments use the free Learning Commons services available online this spring semester. You can get assistance with math homework, math-heavy science homework, papers, and assignments. They have an essay drop-off service in eLearn that can give you advice on how to improve a paper. They are available to all Vol State students. Visit this website for details: If you run into big problems be sure to contact your academic advisor or the Advising Center. Email advising@volstate.eduor you can call them at 615-230-3702.
You can do this! We’re here to help you succeed.
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Connect with Vol State and Other Students this Semester

1 month 1 week ago

Online classes don’t have to be isolating. We have several virtual ways for you to keep informed this spring and connect with other students.

We strongly encourage you to Like our Vol State Facebook page this semester. It's like a virtual campus. We provide students with reminders, important information, and student success tips. We even have a special Group page as part of our main Facebook page. That student discussion page is just for students to ask questions of each other, get advice, sell textbooks, and maybe even make friends. You will need to Like our main Facebook page first. Then click on the Groups tab under the “More” tab at the top of the page.


You can also join these campus Facebook pages:




We’re on Instagram, Twitter, and we have a blog.

Visit this web page for links to all of our main Vol State social media pages:

And Student Engagement has its primary feed on Instagram:

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Free Online Academic Support for All Vol State Students

1 month 2 weeks ago

Here’s how to have a great spring semester-

Vol State has a variety of online academic support options available to all students. Get help with eLearn issues; turn in an essay for online help; get assistance with math and math-related science questions. We even have online support coaches that can help if you are new or struggling with online learning. Details and links here:

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Fall Students - Register Now for Spring Classes - Advising Help Here

1 month 3 weeks ago

Fall students should register now for spring classes on My Vol State. They start January 19. If you need help, set up an appointment with an advisor: will have extended online hours for virtual appointments this week and next, Monday through Thursday 8am until 8pm. You can also get assistance at all four campuses Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm. Mask and screening for required. Visit
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Holiday Schedule for Campuses

2 months 1 week ago

Vol State staff are here to help you get ready for the spring semester. But you should be aware of some dates coming up. We are open to help you Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, December 21-23. All campuses will be closed starting December 24. We will reopen all campuses on Monday, January 4. During the holiday break, fall students can still register for spring classes on My Vol State. New and readmit students can apply online over the holidays. Visit

Photo by Kelly Sikkemaon Unsplash

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Graduate Profile: Andrew Burgess

2 months 3 weeks ago

Andrew Burgess chose the Vol State Cookeville campus because of close proximity. But he said his decision to go into Computer Information Technology (CIT) was based on conversations with faculty members.

“I talked to professors Imam and Said about the CIT program. I could tell from our conversations that the program was about collaboration and studio thinking, where everyone brings something to the table.”

Burgess is due to graduate with a CIT degree this fall. It’s actually the second step in his IT education. He received a certificate from a CISCO Networking Academy in California nearly 20 years ago. “I went to Vol State to have a second chapter in my IT work and to focus on security and forensics.”

Cyber defense isn’t just an area of study for Burgess. He has personal experience as a victim. “My medical records were wiped out in a cyber attack this year. Cyber crime effects every American eventually. I wanted to be engaged as part of the solution.”

The TN Reconnect student said the support at the Cookeville campus helped him through some challenging times. “They had the same level of passion that I did. They never let me get to a place where I would give up. They advocated for my success at Vol State, from the beginning.”

Burgess is headed to Tennessee Tech next year to continue academic work for a bachelor’s degree.

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Graduate Profile: Patrick Collum

2 months 3 weeks ago

Vol State has many students seeking a mid-life career change, but Patrick Collum’s past career and future calling make him stand out.

“My experience was a decade of emergency medical services. I was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and Captain of the Sumner County Basic Life Support Division,” he said. “I was glad for my years of service, but I want to spend more time with my children.”

Normally, you would expect that someone with a background in emergency medicine would find another career in the Health Sciences. Collum chose a brand new path.

“Growing up my father was a police officer. Today, most cybercrimes go unsolved. People are paying large ransoms and the perpetrators can be operating from the other side of the world. It seems like a challenge.”

And thus the EMT is graduating from Vol State with a Computer Information Technology degree in CyberDefense.

“I just got hired with the Sumner County Board of Education in the IT department. The degree worked.”

His career change is a big milestone in his life. “This last year has been so hard for everyone in healthcare and completing my degree while serving the community has been challenging to maintain momentum toward graduating. My wife, three daughters, and my mother have continued to motivate and support me through this difficult time and encouraged me every step of the way.”

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Graduate Profile: Nyalat Bidit

2 months 3 weeks ago

College assignments can be tough, so imagine how hard it would be if English wasn’t your native language? That was the case for fall graduate Nyalat Bidit. The Ethiopian mother of four came to the United States in 2005 from South Sudan.

“I went to school in Ethiopia, but it was in other languages. I knew English, but don’t speak it that well. It was really hard. I appreciate all of the ESOL instructors. They lifted me up so I could learn to write a paper and do college level work.”

She went through Vol State ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes and then to college level courses. The road to a college degree wasn’t just hard because of the academics. “I live in Lavergne. I have to travel two hours a day. It’s a long commute.”

Bidit said many people helped her on her path to a degree in pre-nursing. But some Vol State faculty members went even further. “Karen Hutson was more like a mentor to me. She helped me through a lot. She would tell me- keep pushing, you can do it. I don’t know how I can thank her enough.”

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Graduate Profile: Andrea Benson

2 months 3 weeks ago

Imagine attending two different colleges, three different times, over 30 years. Graduation for Andrea Benson of Westmoreland is a big deal. It’s especially significant because she had to drop two classes this semester and didn’t think she would graduate. The problem was one many people are facing- Andrea had several coworkers sick with COVID, which left her struggling with a 65 hour work week. She did the right thing, though, she contacted an advisor before giving up for the semester. They pointed out that with a major change she would have enough credits to graduate. The fifty-eight year old has been on a long journey to get that degree.

“I started college at 28 years old at Nashville Tech. I transferred to Vol State in 2000, when the company I worked for closed up. We made NASCAR caps,” she said.

She stopped taking classes after a few more years, leaving the degree unfinished, until just recently.

“My daughter went back to school for a social work degree and she said – mom, why don’t you go back?”

And Andrea is taking the virtual graduation ceremony pretty seriously.

“Me and my grandchildren are planning to watch with a celebration party. We have invitations and everything,” she said.
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New Performing Arts YouTube Channel

2 months 4 weeks ago
Check out Vol State musicians on the new Performing Arts YouTube Channel. They have created a Performing Arts 2020 Christmas/End of Semester playlist for everyone to enjoy. It’s a work in progress, so also check back next week for more additions. The songs are a variety of styles, some holiday and some other themes. And subscribe to get all of the playlist updates.
Photo by David Beale on Unsplash
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