Virtual Graduation Scheduled for May 16

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Vol State joined the national effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus to help protect the health and safety of our students and community by transitioning the remainder of the spring semester to online instruction. As a result, our traditional May Commencement Ceremony for spring graduates was cancelled. Commencement is a tradition we value as it celebrates the achievement of our students as well as the support and sacrifices of their families. It is also a time for us as employees to acknowledge the fulfillment of our mission and core values.  In an effort to still celebrate this important milestone for our graduates, Vol State is excited to announce that we will be hosting a virtual Commencement Ceremony on May 16, 2020! The virtual format will still provide our graduates the individual and personalized recognition they deserve while also giving them an exciting opportunity to contribute personal content by submitting a photo and message to be included in their individual slide. Additional instructions and details regarding participating in the virtual ceremony will be shared with eligible students via their student email within the next couple of weeks. Spring 2020 graduates that would also like to participate in an in-person commencement ceremony will be invited to participate in the December 12, 2020 ceremony and should continue to check their student email through the month of October for important details.
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Tips on Navigating Online Classes

5 days 23 hours ago

If you are worried about having to conduct your college work online, do not stress, here are different ways to navigate eLearn and better understand the content. Check Announcements This is where you will find important information. Professors use this tool in different ways, but if you see an announcement posted on the main page of the class, it is necessary that you read it. I have had professors post an outline of what the rest of the semester will look like here, informing us on what will be included in each module, whereas others have chosen to input a motivating message. Check this source frequently for new details regarding each of your courses. Submit Work You will most likely submit most of your work in the Dropbox section under “Evaluation”. This has not changed much from our normal routine. We will just have more assignments due online since we cannot give them to the professors in-person. Check the “Calendar” on the main page of your course as many professors keep a timeline of what assignments are due there. If you see a quiz that needs to be completed under this section, you will be able to find them in Quizzes under the “Evaluation” tab as well. Keep up with the dates of when tasks are due so you can turn it in on time, which is essential to getting high grades. Stay Updated Know how you are doing in your classes. Under “Evaluation”, you can check your class progress with the label Grades. None of my professors present an accumulative grade, but I can see what percentages I have received on an assignment. This is also a great way to see upcoming items you need to work on. Depending on the professor, there might be a whole list of work that needs to be completed for that semester. Additionally, there might also be feedback available on a finished assignment. Feedback allows the student to see their mistakes on their work. Take this criticism and apply it to your future assignments. View the Content This is the portion of eLearn that I find that varies the most between classes but provides crucial documents for the course. The “Content” tab shows anything from video lectures to the syllabus. You will personally have to maneuver through your classes' content section as they differ a great deal from class to class. I have found that professors either label with modules or types of information. For example, if one of your grades is to locate a video that is provided to you over the recent virus, the video will most likely be under the tab “Content” labeled “Videos”. Go through each section and carefully find what you need. Class Comprehension We all learn in different ways. For me, I can retain information the easiest through listening. Not attending classes is going to be difficult for me as I am not getting my knowledge through lectures. Yet, some professors are going to conduct Zoom classes, which is a live video chat with them giving you instruction. This makes it feel more like a normal classroom. Although, if you find yourself at a point where the information is not being understood with any method you try, contact your professors and classmates. Most likely, there will be someone in that group who can help you take a new approach to the subject. You can email them through Classlist under the “Communication” section. A few of my personal tips are to highlight important content while you are reading, take notes while watching a video, download an audio version of your lectures, and double check everything End the semester strong by conquering online classes. If you are struggling in any way with online classes, please let someone know. ~ Georgia Smith 
Georgia Smith

How to Set Up for Online Classes at Home

6 days 19 hours ago
The transition to online classes can be overwhelming. As a student myself, I have had to make some adjustments to set things up for digital learning. 
Inform the People Around You 
Everyone’s home life is different. Some people may be an only-child that has the freedom to take-over any available space in the house, or someone might have to share that space with five other siblings. No matter what your living situation is, inform the people in your household about your needs as you make this transition to online classes. I let my parents know that I would be needing alone time for a portion of the day in order to properly study for my classes, and that the time needs to be quiet for concentration reasons. If your family is still not providing you with the correct atmosphere for online college courses, then maybe consider studying alone at the park or a calm place away from potentially infected individuals. Dedicate a Spot for Working 
A good workspace is very helpful when doing homework or taking a test. I have a table and chair in my room that I use for a desk and equip that space with my school items. Any hard surface around your house will make do for a workspace. Just make sure that the area is large enough to have your textbooks on and is in a stress-free environment. If you are having trouble finding the right space to complete your work, you can always use your bed or room floor for this task. Just make sure you stand-up frequently to prevent your back from getting sore. Try to give the area a personal feeling by decorating it with your own style. Make a Schedule 
This new process of online classes will take some time to adjust to. One key to success is that you take the time to complete your work with accuracy. My personal strategy for this was to find all my assignments on eLearn and write down each assignment’s due date in my agenda. It is also helpful to plan which days you will work on a specific assignment. Whatever your approach is, set aside the appropriate amount of time to do well in your specific classes. Each professor has unique criteria, so you will personally have to adapt to the time needed to complete the work. This will keep you on track and assist you in keeping your grades up. Have a Comfortable Break Area 
Keep yourself comfortable during this time of quarantine. A change in routine can become stressful, so, in between your study times, dedicate the break to relaxing. For example, I like to take my dogs for a walk and plant flowers when I take a brain break. There are numerous actions you can do to take your thoughts to the present moment. Anything from taking a nap to practicing a dance will serve you well. Having a comfortable area to destress in will be beneficial to your academics. Additionally, taking five minutes every hour away from an electronic device will help your eyes and even make you more motivated as this small refresher allows you to reset your thoughts. 
Hopefully these tips will help you create a healthy work environment and keep you focused on your college endeavors. Also, always remember, if you need help through this process of online classes, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We are in this together.
What are you doing to prepare? Let us know in the comments.~ Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith

Priority Fall and Summer Class Registration is Coming Up Soon

1 week ago
Fall and Summer Priority class registration will be beginning as planned on April 6 and 7. Get ready now by logging into your My Vol State portal at  and clicking on Degree Works on the left under Quick Links.
There is one major change: TN Promise students are no longer required to have advising before registering. Everyone is still encouraged to email their academic advisor for advice on what classes to take. But we understand that with current conditions some students may need to register without speaking to an advisor. Holds should be removed automatically but if you still see a hold on your account, email or call 615-230-3702.  
Priority registration is your opportunity to get the classes you need at the times you want. You can register for fall and summer classes before the public. Start the process by visiting the DegreeWorks section of your MyVolState page. It shows you what classes you need for your degree.   
Priority spring course registration for current sophomores (completed 30 credit hours or more) starts at 8am on April 6. It opens for current freshmen (completed less than 30 credit hours) on April 7 at 8am.  
If you have problems, you can contact the Advising Center via email at or call 615-230-3702. 

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Tips from Veteran Online Students

1 week 2 days ago
We asked veteran online students to give us some tips for doing well in online classes. Here is what they said: 

“Contact other students in your class if you need help or questions. We are all a team and want to see everyone do great in the classes. Don't stress and just use your time wisely.” - Valerie Ervin Pyles
“Download the pulse app on your phone and tablet it makes keeping up with discussion boards and deadlines easier and you can complete things on the go if necessary, without logging into your computer every time.” - Amber J. Barts- McFarland  
Search for Brightspace Pulse in your app store. Make sure it’s the right one, by D2L Corporation. Brightspace runs the Vol State eLearn platform. 
“Get a calendar/planner! The most useful thing you can have for taking online classes. Writing down due dates for assignments for the different classes (in DIFFERENT colored ink for each class) is so helpful and allows you to keep up with due dates so you won’t fall behind.” - Katie Ruis 
“Write down all your homework in a notebook with the due dates. I've been getting ahead in classes to keep up with other classes too. Always email your professor if you have questions.” - Reilly Mancel 
“Do NOT wait until the last minute to do your work. It’s tempting to put it off and do other things around the house with the thought that you will get to the assignment before the due date. It’s a trap.” - Joi Edge 
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Don't Have Internet Service? Resources Here

1 week 2 days ago
Xfinity has lifted their hotspot restrictions and has opened them to the public. If you have one near you, it can access free Internet. Finder: 
Following a request last week by the Federal Communications Commission, several internet service providers are temporarily expanding access to broadband services � either free or deeply discounted � particularly to low-income households and those with K-12 and college students. Students may have to navigate finding what is available in their areas and what works best for them.

To date, here is a summary of current offerings:

AT&T: Offer internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 a month through our Access from AT&T program. Additionally, all public Wi-Fi hotspots are open nationwide. To apply, visit

Charter: Free broadband and wifi for 60 days for students do who not already have an account. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395.

Comcast: Comcast is offering an Internet Essentials service to those households eligible for public-assistance programs such as the National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI. Applicants can visit to enroll in the program; they may also call (855) 846-8376 for English or 855-765-6995 for Spanish.

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All Classes are Now Online - Get Started Here

1 week 6 days ago
Vol State classes are moving completely online starting Monday, March 23. 
Transitioning to an online version of your in-person class may make you a bit nervous. We are here to walk you through it step-by-step. 
The first step is to access your eLearn page. Each student has one. This is the direct link: You may want to bookmark it. 
You log into the eLearn page with the same username and password you use for My Vol State. 
You will find your eLearn home page. There will be important announcements on the right-hand side of the screen. To the left you will see your individual course pages. Click on each course page and you will see a number of tabs for class content and other parts of the class. eLearn is easy to use, you just have to dive-in.

We encourage you to take a look now to see what is up for your classes. Be aware that some material may not appear until Monday, March 23. Instructors will be updating those pages regularly through the rest of the semester. It is important to check each eLearn class page and your eLearn and Vol State email accounts each day. You will see the eLearn email at the top of your home page and on each class page. 
If you are not familiar with eLearn, here is a web page with a 33-minute video to get you started: 
Have questions about eLearn? Join a live Q&A forum via Zoom to ask the eLearn specialists from the Distributed Education department any questions you may have about getting started in eLearn. Sessions will be open Monday through Thursday March 23-26 at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 7 PM each day. Login online at or call this toll free number (877) 369-0926 and use the meeting ID 129 932 723. 
Keep checking the announcements on your eLearn home page for more tips on using eLearn going forward. 
We're here to help you have a successful rest of the spring semester. If you need help, see the contact links on your eLearn page. 
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Vol State Events this Week

4 weeks ago

Ongoing                               Art Exhibit: Relief Prints by Ted Jones, Vol State Gallery, SRB First floor, through April 2March 2                                Capture the Flag Cyber Security Competition, Mattox 111, 10:30am-2:45pmMarch 3                                SGA Meeting, Nichols Dining B, 11:15am-12:15pmMarch 3                                Kin of Hearts, signing and singing duo music performance, SRB 150, 2pm-3:30pmMarch 5                                Transfer Fair, reps from four-year schools on hand to answer transfer questions, Nichols Dining B, 10am-2pm
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Get Ready for Fall Priority Class Registration

4 weeks 1 day ago

It’s time to get ready for Fall and Summer Priority class registration.Priority registration is your opportunity to get the classes you need at the times you want. You can register for fall and summer classes before the public. Start the process by visiting the DegreeWorks section of your MyVolState page. It shows you what classes you need for your degree. Then you need to meet with your academic advisor to double check. Set up an appointment now. If you don't know your academic advisor, you can look them up under your personal information on your MyVolState page. Advisors are also listed in DegreeWorks.A reminder: Advising is mandatory for Tennessee Promise students.Priority spring course registration for current sophomores (completed 30 credit hours or more) starts at 8am on April 6. It opens for current freshmen (completed less than 30 credit hours) on April 7 at 8am.If you have problems you can contact the Advising Center at 615-230-3702 or visit them in person in Gallatin in Ramer room 141. For the other campuses ask for Student Services help at the front desk.
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This Week at Vol State

1 month 1 week ago

Feb. 24             APSU representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2 pmFeb. 25            Get a Job and Earn College Credit, Work-Based Learning information for students, Wood Campus Center lobby, 10:30am-12:30pmFeb. 25            The Feed Vol State Student Food Bank Open House, new location in Wood 102 (first floor off of SRB plaza), 11am-3pmFeb. 26             Lipscomb representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2 pmFeb. 26            Movie: Hidden Figures, free and open to everyone, Nichols Dining Room B, 11:15am and 5pmFeb. 27            The Well Table, find out about student resources, yogurt bar, Caudill Hall lobby, 9:15am-9:45amFeb. 27            International Film Series: “Faces Places”, reception at 5:30pm, Caudill Hall, 6pm
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New Feed Student Food Bank Location

1 month 1 week ago
It’s hard to focus on your studies when you’re hungry. The Feed, Vol State student food bank, is designed to help students in need. It has just moved to a new location on the first floor of the Wood Campus Center. It is right off of the SRB plaza or just down the stairs near the Bookstore. The Feed will continue the current system of requiring students to sign-up for appointments in order to use the Feed. But all students are eligible. There are many canned and boxed foods and even health and hygiene supplies. There is a microwave and ready-to-eat meals available for a student who wants to heat up their food on location. Another new feature for the Feed will be read-to-go lunch bags in several offices around campus for any student in need. The new Feed is in room 102 of the Wood Campus Center. There will be an open house next week, February 25, from 11am to 3pm.

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Nursing Program Info Sessions

1 month 1 week ago

The Vol State RN Nursing A.A.S. Degree Program is offering information sessions over the next few months for students who are interested in applying for the next class, which starts in June 2020.  The sessions will be held on the Vol State campus locations in Gallatin, Livingston, Springfield, and Cookeville. Nursing program classes are held in Gallatin and Livingston.The application to apply will be available in March and be due in May. There are general education classes required to be taken before application. The program is competitive and there are GPA requirements. The students most likely ready to apply for the summer start are current pre-nursing students. However, everyone is welcome to attend the info meetings.For the dates, times, and locations of the meetings please visit

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Online and In-Person Essay Help

1 month 1 week ago
You may have papers and other written assignments due this semester. There are two ways to get feedback on those assignments before you turn them in. Online essay review is available to all Vol State students through eLearn. Go to the eLearn page for the course and look for the “Essay Review and Writing Support” tab. You can upload any written assignment to a dropbox there and receive feedback from a Learning Commons tutor. You can also visit the Learning Commons location on each campus for a face-to-face session with a writing tutor. You can come by during any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final revision. The assistance is free and open to all students.
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Vol State events this Week

1 month 2 weeks ago
Feb. 17 TN Tech University representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 1 pmFeb. 18 MTSU representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2 pmFeb. 18 Daniel Caron: Picture Leadership, student workshop, Rochelle Center-Thigpen Library, 12:45pmFeb. 18 SGA Meeting, Rochelle-Thigpen Library, 11:15am-12:15pmFeb. 18 Black History Lunch and Learn: The Life of James Baldwin, Nichols Dining B, 11:15am-4pmFeb. 19 Belmont representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 11 am – 2 pmFeb. 19 Q and A with President Faulkner, Cookeville Atrium, 10-11:30amFeb. 19 The Words We Use, welcoming language discussion, Springfield Campus Community Room, 11:10amFeb. 19 Daniel Caron: How to Play with Difficult People, student workshop, Nichols Dining Room B, 11:15am-12:30pmFeb. 20 Union University representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2:30 pmFeb. 20 The Words We Use, welcoming language discussion, Cookeville Campus, 11:10amFeb. 20 Civil Rights Activists in the 1950s, Lecture by Melanie Cochran, Rochelle Center-Thigpen Library, 11:15amFeb. 22 Intercollegiate Student Art Show Reception and Awards, Art Gallery, first floor SRB, 1pm-4pmFeb. 22 Final Basketball Home Games, join the SGA is cheering on the Pioneers, Pickel Field House, games at 2pm and 4pm
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Three Things to Do Now if You are Struggling in Your Classes

1 month 2 weeks ago

The work is piling up. You are getting behind in your classes. You are not sure if you can do it. First, take a deep breath. Most college students feel this way at one point or another. It is still early in the semester and there are things you can do to catch up. Here are three things to do immediately:1.       1. Talk to the instructor for any class that you are having problems. Visit them in their office or see them after class, but have a real discussion about what you can do to catch up. They have to hold you to the same standards as other students in the class. They also want to see you do well in their class. Work out a plan with each instructor and get the work done.2.       2. Many students have trouble juggling work and family needs with college demands. Make a priority list of what are the most important things you need to get done and consider dropping the extras that you don’t have time for. Hopefully, that isn’t your classes. It could be that you have over-extended yourself with extracurricular activities, volunteering at church, etc.3.       3. You may be trying to take too many classes and need to drop one. Just be careful, it can impact your TN Promise, TN Reconnect and other financial aid. If you are considering dropping a class at this point or perhaps even considering dropping out of college altogether, please talk to someone first. There are advisors available on each Vol State campus. It doesn’t have to be your assigned academic advisor. You can visit the Advising Center on the Gallatin campus, Ramer Room 141, at any time during business hours. You can drop-in or make appointments to see advisors on other campuses. You should also meet with Financial Aid to discuss how it will impact you.College may be tougher than you expected. You can do this.  Successful college students have one thing in common- they overcome adversity and challenges. That means getting in there and fighting to succeed. We are here to help, whether it be with free academic assistance and tutoring or just by listening and offering advice. Don’t forget all of the free Vol State academic help you have available to you. Visit for details.
Vol State

Vol State Events this Week

1 month 3 weeks ago
Feb. 10 Lead on. Feed on. Students can learn about leadership and the Feed student food bank, donate items to the Feed to win prizes, Nichols Dining A, 11:15am-12:15pmFeb. 10 and 11 Auditions for the Vol State production of the musical “Annie Warbucks, open to all, Caudill Hall auditorium, 6pm-8pmFeb. 11 SGA Meet and Greet with Something Sweet, meet student government and make a candy gram, SRB 2nd floor hallway, 12:30-1:30pmFeb. 11 Lipscomb representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2 pmFeb. 12 and 13 Blood Drive, Cookeville Atrium check-in, 10am-3pmFeb. 12 Nashville Opera performance, everyone invited, SRB 151, 2pm Feb. 13 UT Knoxville representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10 am – 2 pmFeb. 13 Black History Lunch and Learn: The March on Washington, Nichols Dining B, 11:15am-12:30pmFeb. 13 NSLS Empowers, discuss empowerment with students, SRB second floor hallway, 9am-12:30pmOpen Now Cookeville Art Exhibit: Margaret Krakowiak, Urban Trees, hallway show though April
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What the Vol State Library Can Do For You

1 month 3 weeks ago
The Thigpen Library in Gallatin is your number one campus resource.

Don’t know where to start when researching a topic?  The library staff offers personalized service. Librarians can provide instruction on methods to search for books, eBooks, journal articles from databases, streaming videos, and other resources.

Would you like access to technology?  The IT department maintains a computer lab on the library’s first floor that is open in conjunction with the library. Use one of the many computers available in the lab, including printing and scanning. The library also has laptops available for check-out and use anywhere within the library.

Do you need to access a specific textbook?  There are a variety of textbooks on reserve for two hour use within the library.  Just ask the staff at the circulation desk for assistance.

Would you like a peaceful place to study?  There is a silent study room on the second floor of the library and additional study space throughout the second floor.

Do you need a meeting place for a group activity?  There are study rooms on the second floor for group study and a practice-presentation room.

For Library services in Springfield, Livingston, and Cookeville please visit:

For other information please visit
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Vol State Events this Week

1 month 4 weeks ago
Feb. 3 Trevecca University representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 11am – 2pmFeb. 4 Cumberland University representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 11am – 1:30 pmFeb. 4 SGA Meeting, Nichols Dining B, 11:15am-12:15pmFeb. 4 Global Engagement Mixer, meet students from other countries, Rochelle-Thigpen, 1pmFeb. 5 UT Knoxville representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10am – 2pmFeb. 5 Black History Lunch and Learn: The Tuskegee Airmen, Nichols Dining B, 11:15am-12:30pmFeb. 6 Coffee with the Prez, students can chat with Dr. Faulkner, SRB second floor, 9:15am-11:30amFeb. 6 Baptist College representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway, 10:30am – 2pm
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The Feed Student Food Bank Open to All Students

2 months ago
The Vol State Feed provides free food to students in need. All students are eligible.The Feed at Vol State seeks to alleviate the barriers and challenges associated with food insecurity and hunger so that students can remain in school, and ultimately, earn their degrees. It could be called a food pantry or a food bank. The important point is that The Feed is open to all Vol State students. It is operated at all four Vol State campuses.The Feed is stocked with non-perishable food items and personal hygiene items. All current students are welcome to use The Feed and must present their Student ID at each visit. Students are able to use The Feed as often as needed. The Feed operates on the honor system. Students will be asked to fill out a brief registration form with basic information, but it is not necessary to prove eligibility.How to Use The FeedYou need to make an appointment to use The Feed this semester. Just visit the Student Engagement Office in the Wood Campus Center, room 215. Or email  Please see the front desks at CHEC, Livingston and Highland Crest campuses for help at those locations.
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Free Help with Math, Papers, and Speeches at the Learning Commons

2 months ago
The Learning Commons is your one stop shop for academic support. There is a Learning Commons location on each Vol State campus. We all need help in one area or another. Give your grades a boost!
The Learning Commons in Gallatin has:
  • Assistance with papers, other written assignments, and speeches/presentations.
  • Help with eLearn Essay Drop-Off (you access via your class eLearn page)
  • Math tutoring for many classes, including math-based science classes
  • Tutoring in other subjects
  • Test preparation
  • Skill assessment and development
  • Help with online classes and eLearn use
  • Help using
Learning Commons locations on the other campuses vary in exactly what is offered, but they all have free academic support. The Learning Commons in Gallatin is located in the Thigpen Library building, first floor.

Details on the other campus locations here. 
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