What Were You Wearing?

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A skirt or jeans. A tank or a tee shirt. “What Were You Wearing” is an art installation featured in the Thigpen Library this week which focuses on spreading awareness about sexual assault. The installation features anonymous stories from sexual assault victims and the type of clothing that they were wearing at the time.

“Rape culture says that what you’re wearing relates to being assaulted,” said Tiffany Zwart, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Support. “When you look at the outfits, it kind of speaks against that and so I think it’s important to us to make sure we’re not victim-blaming.”

Statistics show that sexual assault is especially prevalent on college campuses. According to RAINN, 26.4% of female undergraduate students and 6.8% of male undergraduate students experience rape or sexual assault.

“People don’t want to talk about it because it’s a very sensitive topic but it’s also so prevalent especially in this age range,” said Tiffany Zwart. “We support all survivors.”

“When things are kept in the dark, that’s where they stay,” said student Mary Franc.

The installation will be up until Friday the 22nd. The Office of Student Engagement and Support offers a variety of referrals for sexual assault victims. If you are struggling, contact


Chloe Duvall

Vol State Events This Week

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October 18          What Were You Wearing? Art installation about sexual assault, all week through October 22, Rochelle in Thigpen

October 19          International Education Info Session, learn about Study Abroad, 11am-Noon, Zoom:

October 20          The Well, sexual assault information and support, 10am-Noon, Rochelle in Thigpen

October 20          “Words and Music” by Vol State Singers, poetry set to music, 1pm-1:30pm, Caudill Hall Auditorium

October 21          Red Cross Blood Drive, Wood Campus Center-Nichols Dining B, 9am-3pm, visit Red Cross site to make an appointment

October 21          Fall Festival and World Food Day, lunch and giveaways, 11am-1pm, Thigpen Plaza

October 21          World Food Day, virtual program to explore food and food issues, 4pm-6pm, Sign up:

October 21          50thAnniversary and Dr. Montague Welcome, lunch and program, Noon-2:30pm, Thigpen Library Lawn

October 22          Alice in Wonderland, Children’s Theatre production, interactive, 7pm, SRB 150

October 23          Alice in Wonderland, Children’s Theatre production, interactive, 4pm, SRB Plaza (weather permitting)

October 23          Alice in Wonderland, Children’s Theatre production, interactive, 7pm, SRB 150

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Vol State's Children's Theatre Class Presents: Alice In Wonderland

1 week ago


Imagine playing croquet in a fairytale world and having a tea party with your favorite storybook characters. Vol State’s Children’s Theatre Class will present Alice in Wonderland- an audience-interactive children’s play.
“This show is written to be very audience immersive,” said Director Brendan Tramel, who also plays a supporting role as the Cheshire cat. “The audience sort of helps us get Alice to Wonderland.” The play will involve crowd participation, including an interactive tea party and croquet game.
Tramel teaches the Children’s Theatre class at Vol State. “I’ve been doing theatre since I was in middle school and then started teaching right out of college,” she said. “It’s something that I love- every aspect of it.”
Landon Klapwyk, who plays the role of the Mad Hatter, said, “There are definitely a lot of surprises to come.
The play will be performed on October 22 and 23 at 7 p.m. in the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black Building, Room 150 on the Gallatin campus at 1480 Nashville Pike. Masks are required for indoor performances. There is also a special outdoor show on October 23 at 4 p.m. in the SRB Plaza, weather permitting. Audience members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for outdoor seating. Admission is free. For more information, contact:
Chloe Duvall

Spring Class Schedule Now Available - Get Ready for Priority Registration

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Get the Spring Classes You Need at the Times You Want!

Priority Registration for Current Students Starts November 1 and 2.

The Spring schedule of classes is now available. It’s time to get ready for Priority Registration, your opportunity to sign up for spring semester classes before registration opens to the public. Get ready now by logging into your My Vol State portal and clicking on the Degree Works icon. You will see your advisor listed at the top of Degree Works. Click on the envelope icon at the top right to contact them to make an appointment. Your academic advisor can help you with your course schedule and make sure you are taking the classes you need for your major.

Priority spring course registration for current sophomores (completed 30 credit hours or more prior to this semester) starts at 8am on November 1. It opens for current freshmen (completed less than 30 credit hours prior to this semester) on November 2 at 8am.


If you have problems, you can contact the Office of Advising via email at or call 615-230-3702.

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HS Seniors - Time for Your TN Promise Application

2 weeks 2 days ago

High School Seniors- it’s time to fill out the TN Promise application to give you access to your tuition-free college education next fall. You may have not decided on where to attend college yet. Filling out the application by the deadline of November 1 gives you the option to attend Vol State tuition-free. Visit our TN Promiseweb page for a list of dates and links to apply. 

Vol State offers more than 100 areas of study in six divisions: Business and Technology, Health Sciences, Math and Science, Humanities, Social Science and Education, and Nursing. Many of our students use their TN Promise at Vol State and then transfer those credits to a university to complete their four-year degree. To explore the possibilities, visit our academic programs web page

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Vol State Events Week of October 4

2 weeks 3 days ago

October 4        LGBTQ+ roundtable discussion, 1pm-2:30pm, Zoom:

October 6        Returning Students Organization Club Meeting, all adult students invited, 2:30pm-3:30pm, Zoom ID: 963 8376 4561

October 6        International Education Info Session, learn about Study Abroad, 4-5pm, Zoom:

October 7        International Students Cultural Connections Club, mixer, 1pm-2pm, Zoom:
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Vol State Events Week of Sept. 27

3 weeks 3 days ago

Sept. 27                Fit Club Meeting, The goal of the club is to help members stay motivated, provide free workout opportunities and nutrition information, 2:30-3:30pm, Zoom ID: 980 4337 9500

Sept. 28                Student Government Association (SGA) Meeting, 11:15am-12:15pm, Zoom, Check your  student email for the access code

Sept. 28            International Education Info Session, learn about Study Abroad opportunities and International Ed events, 1pm-2pm, Zoom:

Sept. 30                Discovery Days: Next Steps, 11:30am-12:15pm, Zoom, register here:

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Your Vol State Merit Page

4 weeks ago

Check your personal email for information about your Vol State Merit Page. They're designed to help you celebrate your success while at Vol State. That can include academic honors, such as the dean's list or honor roll. It can also include student clubs and activities. We'll be adding badges for various student achievements throughout the school year. Many colleges and universities across the country have them for students. You can add to your badge if you transfer to keep a total record of your college and university career.

What do you need to do? The first thing is to claim your page. The easiest way to do this is click on the link provided in the email sent. There is a student page search function in the middle of the page. Put your name in there and find your page. Then there is a button to claim your page and set up your account. You can then personalize your Merit page however you want - add a picture or add work experience. You can also put in the emails of parents or loved ones so that they will be notified when you receive a new badge from Merit.When you go to claim your page it will ask you for your email address...use your personal email address that you listed on your Vol State application. It's trying to confirm that you are who you are. Your Vol State email address won't work for that confirmation. Everything goes through your personal email address.We'll start everyone off with an enrollment badge so you can see what they look like and how they work. It also puts you in the system. Vol State Merit pages are run by the Vol State Office of Public Relations. If you have any questions you can contact us at you don't get the email you can also visit the main Vol State Merit Pages web page and search from there. If you still can't find your page just email us with your name, city, zip code, and email address and we can create one for you.If you don't want to participate that's fine. You will find a link to opt out of the system, as well, with your page.Have a great school year!
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How Free Academic Coaching Can Help You

4 weeks 1 day ago

Academic Coaches are available to help you with time management, study skills, and online class success. I talked to Crystal Malone-Black, an Academic Coach here at Vol State, and we discussed how Academic Coaching can help students succeed.
How can working with an Academic Coach improve student success?

“Working with an Academic Coach can improve student success by allowing them to enhance study skills, scheduling, and all tools needed to be successful.”

How do you get in touch with an Academic Coach? Is it online or in-person?

“You can do either,” said Crystal. “A student can come directly to the Learning Commons and request through the receptionist to be scheduled. Or they can go to the Vol State website and to the Learning Commons. There’s a direct link they can select to schedule an Academic Coach.”

Have you ever heard any misconceptions or fears that students have about Academic Coaching? How can you ease those fears?

“This is by no means a service that looks down upon anyone whether you’re a new student or an adult learner,” she said. “This program is basically just to help you and give you the support that you need to succeed. It’s a safe spot.”

What is some advice that you typically give to students who are struggling in their classes?

“The typical advice during this pandemic that I give to students is that everyone is doing something new. This is a new way of learning with a lot of classes being online. Try not to be overwhelmed.”

Sign in with your Vol State email address to make an appointment for a virtual or in-person meeting with an Academic Coach here.

-Chloe Duvall

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New Student Printing Service on Campuses

4 weeks 1 day ago

Vol State has a new student printing system on each campus. Use your Student ID for quick access to print jobs. All students are granted $17.50 of printing credit each semester. Additional funds may be added via the Kiosk in Gallatin Library 1st floor with credit card, at the Business Office in Gallatin with cash or card, or at the front desks of Cookeville, Livingston, or Springfield. The printers have a quick how-to guide located on each machine. We have also attached those instructions below.

Printers are available in the following locations:o Gallatin Library 1st Flooro Gallatin Learning Commonso Gallatin Wallace South Lab 104o Gallatin Wood Cafeteriao Springfield Libraryo Livingston Libraryo Cookeville Library and Room 231

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Boost that Grade with the Vol State Learning Commons

1 month ago

The Learning Commons is your one-stop-shop for academic support. There is a Learning Commons location on each Vol State campus and online assistance available. We all need help in one area or another. Give your grades a boost! The Learning Commons has:

-Assistance with essays, writing, and speech -Math tutoring for many classes, including math-based science courses -Math Learning Support class testing -Natural science tutoring (Chemistry, Biology) -Peer tutoring in many subjects -College readiness and placement test preparation -Skills assessment and development in reading, writing, and mathVisit any campus location to discuss your needs and how we can help. It’s free and available to all students, even those planning to attend the next semester. Online help available.
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Vol State Events this Week

1 month ago

Sept. 20                Constitution Day event: Guardians of the Constitution: A Brief Overview of Landmark Supreme Court Cases by history professor Melanie Cochran, 11:30am, Zoom:

Sept. 23                Discovery Days: Balancing All the Things, stress management, 11:30am-12:15pm, Zoom, register here:

Sept. 23                Math and Science: Discover Your Success, learn about the programs and possibilities, 3pm - Tour of Warf and Wallace Labs, start in Warf, 4:30pm - Faculty Panel (Warf 105/Zoom)    

Sept. 24                Family Movie Night: Raya and the Last Dragon, outside movie for the whole family, bring a chair or blanket, free, 7:15pm, Thigpen Library Lawn

Vol State

Struggling in Your Classes? Four Things to do Now

1 month ago

It’s that time of the semester- you may feel like you are underwater with your classwork and falling behind. Take a deep breath. We are here to help you do well in your classes. Here are four things to do now if you are struggling:

-Talk to the instructor of each class that you are having problems, in-person or by email. Ask them what you can do to catch up and if they have ideas for how you can do better in their class.-Get extra help in-person and online with free Vol State academic help services. Visit for a list.-Make a life priority list- are there extra things you can cut or scale back on?-If you are simply overextended, it may be time to drop a class. But that is only a last resort. Contact the Financial Aid Office first, to find out how dropping a class impacts your Financial Aid and if you will need to pay money back. You are better off doing well in two classes than doing poorly in three. But do your best to keep taking at least one class. Students who drop out of all classes often have a tough time getting back.Everyone wants to see you succeed, so reach out now if you need help!
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Online Vol State Events this Week

1 month 1 week ago

In-person classes are back as scheduled this week, but many of our events are online. Here's the list:

Sept. 13            International Education Info Session, learn about Study Abroad opportunities and International Ed events, 3pm-4pm, Zoom:

Sept. 14                Student Government Association (SGA) Meeting, 11:15am-12:15pm, Zoom, Check your student email for the access code

Sept. 14            Break the Silence, honoring those who have died by suicide and supporting survivors, Noon-1pm, Zoom:

Sept. 15            Confronting Crisis Inside and Outside the Classroom, how we can help each other cope with life crisis, 11:15am-12:15pm, Zoom, Register here:

Sept. 16                Discovery Days: Beyond the Classroom, opportunities outside of class, 11:30am-12:15pm, Zoom, register here:

Vol State is offering vaccine clinics for employees and students on September 15 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will take place on each of the Vol State campuses. Everyone should bring their insurance card and driver's license or other ID. Students without insurance can also get the COVID vaccine for free. The other vaccinations require insurance or payment. See your Vol State email for details and the form that will need to be filled out before attending.

Vaccines available: Flu, COVID-19, Pneumonia, ShinglesGallatin Campus: SRB Humanities Building, First Floor, Room 150, Performing Arts SpaceCookeville Campus: Cody Hall, Room 102Livingston Campus: Room 210Springfield Campus: Room 146

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In-Person Classes Resume Starting Sept. 13

1 month 1 week ago

Vol State will return to the normal schedule of in-person classes starting this Monday, September 13 at all campus locations. Everyone is still required to wear a face mask inside buildings. We look forward to having students back on campus!

Vol State is offering vaccine clinics for employees and students on September 15 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will take place on each of the Vol State campuses. Everyone should bring their insurance card and driver's license or other ID. Students without insurance can also get the COVID vaccine for free. The other vaccinations require insurance or payment. See your Vol State email for details and the form that will need to be filled out before attending.

Vaccines available: Flu, COVID-19, Pneumonia, Shingles

Gallatin Campus: SRB Humanities Building, First Floor, Room 150, Performing Arts Space

Cookeville Campus: Cody Hall, Room 102

Livingston Campus: Room 210

Springfield Campus: Room 146

Vol State

Home Internet or eLearn Issues? Info here

1 month 2 weeks ago

Students- if you have internet issues at home you can use computers on all Vol State campuses. All labs and offices will be open for normal hours. In Gallatin, visit the Thigpen Library. For other campuses just ask at the front desk. If you have eLearn issues email

Vol State

Vol State will move many on ground classes to an online/virtual environment 9/2/21 – 9/12/21

1 month 2 weeks ago

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in our communities and at the college, Vol State will move many on ground classes to an online/virtual environment 9/2/21 – 9/12/21.  These classes will resume on ground formats at each campus location on 9/13/21.  This may not impact some hands-on classes that will still meet in-person.  Students should check their email as well as eLearn for specific instructions from their professors.  For questions regarding class formats, please contact or call 615-230-230-3555 . 

All Vol State campus locations will remain open for normal hours of operation.  All services and offices, including the library and computer labs, will continue to be available to support students.

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Going from Senior to Freshman: Tips to Help You Transition

1 month 3 weeks ago

The transition from high school senior to college freshman can be overwhelming. We've all experienced moments of uncertainty and worry. Here are three simple things that I have found helpful.

  1. Get Involved: Reach out to peers and teachers, join clubs, and follow Vol State’s social media for Events and Student Opportunities. 
  2. Stay Organized: Get a planner or event recording device, print out tentative class schedules from eLearn, and create buffer dates. 
  3. Ask Questions: Find someone in your classes, a faculty member, or reach out to the Student Engagement and Support Center on campus for any questions you have. (Questions are normal!)
-Winnie Combs
Vol State
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