Career Exploration Fair

On Friday, February 21, 2020, from 7:40am to 1:40pm, over 2,500 8th grade students from Sumner County will visit Volunteer State Community College to explore their career future.

Industry Representatives will share their future career opportunities with students. (Hands-on, highly visual exhibits with technical enhancements are encouraged to make event exciting)

The Career Exploration Fair provides an avenue for eighth graders preparing to enter local high schools to explore a breadth of career areas and make an informed decision when choosing their courses. This fair helps raise awareness and excitement that shows in-coming freshmen the relevance of their studies and the opportunities their futures holds. As opposed to a job fair where students visit companies, the career fair allows companies to work together to present career options for students to explore. The main focus of our exhibits, therefore, is to showcase a broad spectrum of possible careers.

The students visiting the Career Exploration Fair are prepared to visit the fair through exploratory classroom curriculum that allows them to learn about professionalism and evaluate their personality, strengths, interests and potential careers.
After spending a day on our campus, we hope students attending the event are better equipped to answer these questions:

  • What are my goals?
  • What are my career aspirations?
  • What steps do I need to begin now to reach my goals?

We are in need of industry representatives, such as yourselves, that are passionate about what you do, and want to help grow a strong workforce for your field. We invite you to register using the Business Interest Form.

*Alternate date if cancellation due to inclement weather: May 11, 2020