Citizenship or Lawful Presence

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  The new law only impacts new and re-admitting students that will be taking classes Spring 2013 or later. 
Yes.  The new law requires all re-admitting students for Spring 2013 semester and later to verify their citizenship or lawful presence status if they want a state benefit (in-state tuition and fees).
You will be charged out-of-state tuition and fees for any classes that you enroll into. 
Yes, if you would like to expedite the process.  The Admissions Office does not have access to any of your financial aid information, or any of the documents you may hand into them.  The FAFSA can confirm your citizenship, but it can take weeks for that to happen, so confirming directly with the Admissions Office is a great idea. 
No.  Verifying your citizenship or lawful presence only makes you eligible to pay in-state fees, but you may still need to provide documentation of your residency here as a Tennessean in order to be eligible for in-state tuition and fees.
Only if you will be 18 by the first day of the semester as a Dual/Joint Enrollment student. 
Yes, if you would like to be eligible for in-state tuition and fees.