Commencement Committee

The purpose of the Commencement Committee is to plan commencement and related activities.

Committee Activities

  1. Plan and coordinate a program to honor graduates prior to the commencement ceremony.
  2. Plan and coordinate commencement rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.
  3. Assist in selecting a commencement speaker.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice-President for Student Services


  • Two (2) faculty representatives
  • Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs
  • One (1) representative from Student Services
  • One (1) representative from Public Relations
  • Director of Disability Services
  • Administrative Assistant to the President
  • One (1) representative of Safety & Security
  • Director of Admissions and Registrar
  • Senior Director of Plant Operations
  • Director of Development
  • Administrative Assistant to Vice President for Student Services
  • Student representation: 2
  • At-large members: 1
  • Total membership: 15
  • Ex-Officio: Vice President for Academic Affairs; Graduation Analyst

Initial Meeting

1st Friday, 11:00 a.m.