Fall 2020 Class Adjustments

Vol State Fall 2020 classes are changing. The adjustments will help us handle whatever comes up next in the COVID-19 health crisis. If you have registered for fall classes, some of your classes may have changed to include more online components. Every student should check now for changes. We will still have limited on-site on-campus, classes this fall, but to keep the number of students on our campuses at a safe level, where we can practice social distancing, we are utilizing the power of online learning to supplement classes.

You may have registered for a traditional class this fall that has changed formats. To see if a class that you have already registered for has been adjusted, please access Schedule Planner via My VolState.

Step-by-Step Video

Helpful Tips

Once logged in, scroll down to view the campus options. Please note the newly added option: Vol State Virtual Classroom. This is a new format that allows regular class schedules to be maintained online. This will be explained further momentarily. Select your preferred campus option and click “save and continue”

Navigate to your current class schedule and note the “Instructional Method”. This will indicate your new class format.

We will be offering classes primarily in four formats:

  • Online – Fully online classes within eLearn, as we have usually done them. These are labeled Online: Asynchronous, meaning you can log in and receive instruction and do your work at any time. Asynchronous means there are no assigned class times, but there will be assignment due dates each week.
  • Virtual – Classes will use a videoconferencing service (for example, Zoom) to meet at an assigned time to deliver live instruction. eLearn will be used to submit assignments or access additional materials. These are labeled Virtual Class: Synchronous, which just means that they have assigned days and times for the online class meetings. Our videoconferencing services are free. Software may be downloaded directly from volstate.edu.
  • Hybrid – A combination of online or virtual and an on-site, in-person component. The idea is to limit the number of class meetings.
  • On-Site Face-to-Face – Traditional classes occurring at one of our campuses. This is primarily for classes that have a significant “hands on” component, such as some science labs, and Health Sciences, Art, and Music instruction, to name a few.

If you are new to online learning, that is not a problem. We will walk you through it. Vol State is ranked number seven in the nation, and number one in Tennessee, for online learning at community colleges, according to the review group College Consensus. We use an online system called eLearn. It’s a web page that will have your classes and assignments. Please take a few minutes to visit this explanatory web page and get acquainted with eLearn.

In addition, we have computers and other IT related resources that may be provided if you need assistance.  Visit IT related resources.

No matter what happens this summer or fall with COVID-19, we are ready to support you in your classes and help you do well in those classes. We’ll be in touch with new information periodically, so please keep checking your student email regularly and visit the Vol State website and the Vol State Facebook page for timely updates.

Advisors are available to help if you have questions. Email advising@volstate.edu or call 615-230-3702 to set up an online or phone appointment.

If you are considering classes this fall, but have not applied yet, we encourage you to do so now. Applying is free and entirely online. at Apply Today!

If you have additional questions, please click here or contact us using the information below.