Know Before You Go

Pioneers Protecting Pioneers is Volunteer State Community College’s commitment to keeping you safe. 

Beginning July 20, 2020

All Vol State Campus locations will have limited operations open. Have a question? Text us at 615-570-1880.

Know Before You Go! 

  • While all Vol State campuses reopen on Monday, July 20, you don’t have to come in that specific day. You can come in any day next week and for the next few weeks. Classes start August 24. We want to spread people out to prevent crowds from developing on campus. We want to keep everyone safe in this process. A reminder that most of what you need to do to attend Vol State can be done online. It all starts online with the application at If you want to schedule an online appointment with an Admissions Advisor visit:
  • We also ask students and prospective students coming to campus to come by themselves and not bring anyone else. Part of our safety process is keeping the number of people on campus to a minimum.
  • The COVID-19 Screening Tool must be filled out on the day you plan to come to campus. If you are granted access, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Face masks are required.
  • Social distancing will be enforced.
  • Check-In locations will be placed to screen you in to open buildings.
  • Don’t forget your Student ID if you are a returning student!

Not comfortable coming to campus?

All Vol State Offices are and have been accessible by phone and/or email to our students and community. 


Telephone Number

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Access Center






Adult Learner and Veterans Affairs


Campus Connect: New Student Orientation

Cookeville Campus


Financial Aid


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Livingston Campus


Springfield Campus


Need help but not sure what office you need to contact? Text us at 615-570-1880.