Enrollment Management

The purpose of the Enrollment Management Committee is to evaluate and recommend improvements to the College's practices in all areas related to student success and support. This includes student recruitment, admissions, orientation, advising, registration, successful retention, persistence, and academic support services.

Committee Activities

  1. Evaluate the College's current practices in admission, orientation, advising, registration, and academic support services.
  2. Develop and recommend appropriate success initiatives to achieve academic retention, persistence, and student success goals.
  3. Develop and implement a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan for the College.
  4. Assess and discuss data as relating to student success and the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  5. As part of its work, the committee will consider disaggregated data as they relate to addressing equity gaps.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Student Services and the Vice President for Academic Affairs


The position of Recorder for this committee is not selected from among the members.  It is staffed by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and/or the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of Highland Crest
  • Director of Advising
  • Director of Admissions/College Registrar
  • Five (5) Faculty Representatives, one from each division
  • Dean of Academic Support
  • TBR Learning Support Representative
  • Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Manager of Student Engagement and Support
  • Institutional Research Officer
  • Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives/QEP Director
  • Representative from TRIO SSS
  • One (1) ESOL Advisor
  • Manager of K-12 Partnerships
  • Assistant Director of Accounting
  • Two (2) Academic Deans
  • Assistant Director of Upper Cumberland
  • Student representation: 2
  • Total membership: 24
  • Ex-Officio: Vice President for Student Services, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Assistant Vice President for Economic and Community Development, Chair of Diversity Committee, Assistant VP for Student Services

Initial Meeting

4th Friday, 10:00 a.m.