Staff Council

The Staff Council is a representative voice of the support staff to the President, Administration, and other entities of the college. The primary focus of the Staff Council is to:

  • Promote a better understanding, cooperation and communication within the campus community.
  • Keep constituents advised of issues, policies and activities affecting them.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute to the governance of the institution.
  • Work to improve morale of the staff.
  • Emphasize and initiate opportunities for professional development.

Length of Service

Each member shall be elected for a term of three (3) years. There will be an election every year, in the month of May. Representation shall be on a staggered term basis. In the event that any elected council member shall be unable to complete his or her term of appointment, the chair shall initiate the election of a representative to complete the term. The mode of election shall be the same as the method observed in the election of the original members.


A call for nominations will go out to all Classified Staff in the month of May to replace any member rolling off the Council. Current members will be eligible for nominations to office on the Council at this time. The call for nominations will be sent out via email. A time of one week will be allowed for nominations to be received. Once nominations are received, they will then go out to the Classified Staff, for a term of one week, for voting, via email ballot. New members will start their seat on the Council in June. New officers will take their office for the term of June to May.


Classified Staff wishing to bring ideas, comments and/or issues to the attention of the Council for discussion and possible action should do so in writing. These comments and/or issues should be emailed to the Council Chair. All meetings will be announced to Classified Staff at least two weeks in advance. The Classified Staff Council will meet 6 times per academic year, or more frequently as needed.

Communication will go out via the Classified Staff email distribution list. Minutes of meetings will be publicly available on the V drive under “Committees.”

Classified Staff Appreciation Nomination

All fields below are required in order to submit the nomination form. Each classified staff member nominated will only have their name entered in the monthly drawing once, regardless of the number of times nominated that month.