Distributed Education

Course Development Process and Timeline

The course developer must follow this process for developing an online or hybrid course for Vol State. Suggested timelines are approximate. Contact Distributed Education for assistance. 

If you are developing an online or hybrid course for Vol State for the very first time, we are here to support and assist you. Some training is required.

PLANNING PHASE (Complete 5 months prior to course start date)

Meet with the Distributed Education (DE) Instructional Designer

Read through the Vol State Standards for Online Course Development and Instruction

Develop course plan, including development timeline

Analyze potential students

Write measurable course objectives (link opens in a new window)

Consider appropriate assessment strategies (link opens in a new window)

Begin brainstorming potential learning activities (link opens in a new window) aligned to objectives and assessments 

Examine different potential course organizational structures (week, unit, module, etc.)

DESIGN PHASE (Complete 4 months prior to course start date)

Establish assessments aligned to objectives and learning activities

Develop a student-to-instructor interaction plan

Develop a student-to-student interaction plan

Develop a student-to-content interaction plan

List course content that needs to be produced

PROPOSAL PHASE (Complete 3 months prior to course start date)

Submit completed proposal form

  • Complete and sign proposal form

Online Course Development Proposal (link opens in Google Docs) 

Online Course Redevelopment Proposal (link opens in Google Docs)

  • Obtain signature from the Dean of your Division
  • Submit form to Distributed Education (DE)

  • Please note: DE will sign and submit to Academic Affairs (AA) for signature. DE will keep a fully signed copy on file. Once approved, a contract is initiated by DE and a master course shell is created and assigned to you.

Submit completed contract

  • Sign contact provided by Distributed Education

  • Obtain signature from the Dean of your Division

  • Submit form to DE

  • Please note: DE will route for remaining signatures and will keep a fully signed copy on file.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE (Complete 3 months prior to course start date)

Create learning modules in the master course shell within eLearn

Create rubrics and scoring guides (link opens in a new window) for assessments 

Collect and plan the integration of external sites and resources (YouTube, reference websites, etc.)

Integrate interactive elements into the course design (discussion boards, etc.)

Produce multimedia elements [videos, podcasts, and other Web 2.0 tools (link opens in new window)]

Contact Media Services for assistance planning and producing instructional content videos and for closed captioning assistance.

FINALIZATION PHASE (Complete 2 months prior to course start date)

Post course syllabus with all essential components [see VSCC’s Distributed Education Handbook (link opens in a new window)] 

Write, produce, and post a video message welcoming your students to the course if you are also teaching

  • Schedule an appointment with Media Services to use studio, if you wish

Produce “introduction” assignment

Post the technical requirements for the course

Review the Best Practices for Online Teaching checklist

Make any final adjustments in the course shell

REVIEW PHASE (MUST complete at least 1 month prior to course start date)

Complete course reviews

  • Request course review from Distributed Education. Course review will be coordinated by DE following the Quality Matters rubric. 

      • Have a peer complete a course review

      • Have the Division Dean or his/her designee complete another course review

      • Have instructional designer complete the final course review

  • Once a master course is approved and ready for offering, DE will notify the developer and the Dean of the Division. Divisions are responsible for copying course sections from the approved master course and for assigning instructors to course sections.

Submit Extra Compensation form

  • DE will send over a signed Extra Comp form and all paperwork

  • Sign Extra Comp form

  • Obtain signature from the Dean of your Division

  • Send all completed paperwork to AA. Paperwork will then be routed to Business and Finance and Human Resources.

  • Please note: once DE sends form to developer for signatures, DE is no longer responsible for the routing of paperwork.