Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to help increase awareness and celebrate diversity on our campus and in the community. This mission, in our view, is completely inclusive of EVERY Vol State student, faculty and staff member. If you are at Vol State in any capacity, regardless of your background, you are a valuable component of the diversity we will continue to grow and celebrate throughout the year. Your contribution to the dialogue is vitally important, and we hope you will join us in helping illuminate the rich diversity we enjoy at Vol State.

Vol State Diversity Plan

Throughout the year, we will sponsor and co-sponsor numerous programs which touch the many layers of diversity. We will challenge and interrogate our own beliefs and preconceived notions and hopefully come away with a better understanding of each other. At the end of your journey at Vol State, you should be well equipped to engage as a global citizen wherever you land after leaving our campus.

Our office in Wood 217 is open to all, even though it might be more efficient to set an appointment as we know many of you have hectic class schedules and other commitments. Please come by and let us get to know each other. If there is anything we can do to help you succeed at Vol State and it is within our power, we are happy to assist.