Dual Credit Testing

Students may earn free college credit through dual credit testing.  Dual credit testing allows high school students who have completed specific high school courses that align with Volunteer State course to take end of course challenge exams to earn college credit.  If students successfully pass the challenge exam with a grade of 70% of better, the credit will be transcribed on their college transcript.

In order to test, students must complete the Permission to Test form, submit a copy of the high school transcript, and pay $25 (to test at their high school) or $30 to test at Vol State.

Students and high school personnel may contact the Dual Enrollment Office at 615-230-3742 or dualenrollment@volstate.edu to get more information.

Career and Technical Education students who take the high school courses listed below may get college credits if they pass a test covering competencies from the matching college course. Students must apply and schedule a test date and time through the Office of K12 Partnerships. Dual Credits will transfer in most cases; check with your institution to find out its acceptance policy for college Dual Credits.

Dual Credits Testing Available 2018-2019
High School Course(s) Vol State Credits in Course(s)
Advanced Computer Applications INFS 1010 Computer Applications (3 credits)
Document Form, Word Processing, etc BUS 1302 Keyb. With Word  (3 credits)
Health Science Courses  (any 2-3 courses) AHC 115 Medical Terminology (3 credits)
Criminal Justice I and II CRMJ 1010 Intro to Criminal Justice (3 credits)
Marketing & Management  (any 2 courses) BUSN 2380 Principles of  Marketing (3 credits)
e-Business Communications BUS 1310 Business Communications (3 credits)

Dual Credit Assessment Procedures

  • Teachers may call 615-230-3741 or email tammy.hudson@volstate.edu  to schedule a test.  A completed Permission Form, high school transcript, and a check or money order (no cash) is required to schedule testing. We will email study material for test(s) students will be taking. The college study materials plus any materials the high school teacher provides should be mastered thoroughly before the students actually test.  All tests are multiple choice and most require approximately one hour each (INFS 1010 require 90 minutes)

Cost is $25 per test if taken online at the high school (check or money order only) and high school provides the proctor; $30 per test if taken in Vol State Testing Center with Vol State providing the proctor and a photo ID is required at the time of testing.