eLearn DropBox Tool

The Dropbox tool replaces the need for you to mail, fax, or email assignments to your instructor. You can use the Dropbox tool to submit assignments online by uploading their files to designated folders where your instructor can pick up the files for grading and post helpful information. You can upload more than one file to a single Dropbox folder, but once the file has been submitted it cannot be removed.

Select the Evaluation link on the course home navigation bar and then select Dropbox to view a list of dropbox folders created by your instructor.

This image shows how to navigate to the Dropbox link under

The Dropbox will then open and display the assignments that have a dropbox requirement. 

This image shows what the Dropbox looks like with all of the assignments listed in folders.

From this page you can view:

  • A list of available folders
  • Submission and feedback information
  • Due dates for each assignment
  • Previously submitted assignments (by clicking View History)
  • Attachments that have been made available to you from the instructor. 

Submit Assignments

To submit assignments to the dropbox:

  1. Select the assignment name linked to the destination folder.
  2. Read assignment instructions, complete work and submit in format assigned (i.e. .doc, .rtf, .html) Click Add a File and locate the assignment file that you want to upload.
  3. You can also record audio or video as your submission instead of uploading a file. 
    This image shows what the screen looks like when submitting a dropbox assignment. It gives the instructions, start date, due date, a place to add file, record audio or video, and a spot for comments. Then you can click submit.
  4. Click Submit to turn in your assignment and return to the dropbox folder list page.

The submissions column now indicates with a "1" beside it that you have submitted 1 file to the selected folder.

Review Submissions

  1. Click View History.
  2. Select the assignment you would like to view from the drop down menu and click Apply. 

Submission History page

There is no way for students to remove files once they have been submitted.

View Instructor Feedback

To view feedback from an instructor on an assignment, click the View icon in the feedback column on the dropbox folder list page. The feedback page will now display:

This image shows a sample of the View Feedback screen. The score and feedback from the instructor is given as well as the date feedback was submitted.


How do I know if my instructor has viewed my dropbox submission?
To see if your submission has been viewed, select the dropbox link and then select the history tab. Select the assignment you would like to view from the drop down menu and click Apply. A list of all your submissions will appear.
  • An unread mail icon next to its name indicates that the file has not been viewed.
    • image of the unread mail icon
  • An opened mail icon indicates that the file has been downloaded by the instructor.
    • image of the read mail icon