eLearn Course Mail

Get into eLearn Course Mail

Access your eLearn Course Mail tool from the Messages Icon in the Minibar, or the Course Mail link in the Navbar.

Screenshot showing the locations of the Course Mail links.

See messages that were sent to me

When you enter your Course Mail, you'll be taken automatically into the Inbox. This screen shows the folder list on the Left and the Inbox on the upper right, with the Message Preview Pane on the lower right. By clicking on a message in your Course Mail, the message will appear in the Preview Pane below.

Screenshot of the Course Mail Screen

Reply, Reply All or Forward messages

Once you're viewing a message, you have the option of Replying to just the sender, Replying to the sender and all other recipients of the message, or Forwarding it to another user. Simply click the appropriate button and a new window will pop up with the message. The following things will happen depending on the button you pressed:

  • Reply - The message will appear in a new window with the sender's address already filled in.
  • Reply All - The message will appear in a new window with the sender and all other recipients' address already filled in.
  • Forward - The message will appear in a new window with no address filled in, so you can enter the address for another user.

Compose New Message

From the Course Mail screen, Click the Compose button. A new window will pop up with fields to enter recipients' Course Mail addresses, a Subject, and a Rich Text Editor box for the body of the message. 

You also have the options to attach a file (via browse, or Drag and Drop) or record either an audio or video message, and the ability to Save the message as a Draft in case you need to come back to it.

This is a screenshot of the Compose Message window.

Using the Address Book

You can either enter in the message recipient's Course Mail address manually (Their username@elearn.volstate.edu) or use the Address Book. The Address Book is recommended, as you may not have the usename of who you want to send the message to. You add names to the To, CC, and BCC fields by checking the boxes by the users you want, and then clicking the blue To, CC, or BCC links just above the list. Once you're done adding names, click Add Recipients, and the Address Book box will go away, returning you to the Compose Message window with the chosen recipients in the fields.

Screenshot of the Course Mail Address Book

Delete a message

If you want to delete a message in your Course Mail, Select the message and then Select Delete under More Options.

If you want to delete more than one message, check the checkboxes to the left of each message, and then select the Trash can icon just above the message list.

Create folders

Click on the Folder Management icon from the main eLearn Course Mail screen.

screenshot of the folder management screen in Course Mail.

To edit, rearrange, or delete an existing folder, click the dropdown arrows beside the folder you want to modify. NOTE:You can only delete folders you have made. Any folders you delete will also delete any messages within them.

If you click on the New Folder Icon a screen will come up asking you to choose if this folder is to help you organize the Messages or Contacts. Then you will need to give the Folder a Name and decide if you want the new folder to be organized underneath (inside of) another folder (Parent Folder). You can click "Save and New" if your are creating several folders at a time or just "Save" if you only need to create one folder. After clicking on Save you will need to click on Message list or one of the folders in the Folder List on the left to return to the main email screen.

Move a message between folders

Once you have your folders built (see creating folders for more information) you can now return to the Message List and use the check boxes next to each email message and then use Move To drop down menu to select the folder that you want the messages moved to. They will then automatically move to the desired folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can eLearn Course Mail be forwarded to an external email address so I only have to check one email?
No, eLearn Course Mail is an internal mail client and cannot be forwarded.
Is there any way to have eLearn Course Mail to notify me when I have new mail?
You must access eLearn to view any new mail you received in your eLearn Course Mail account. If you have new mail, the Messages icon in the Minibar will have an indicator and a message will appear in the Updates widget on the home page.