eLearn Grades and User Progress

Viewing the Grade book

Use the Grades tool to check your grades on assignments and tests. You will find the link to Grades under the drop down menu "Evaluation."

Click Evaluation in the Navbar, then click Grades.

Example Student View of Grades

Here you can see your individual grades and comments, as well as class averages and feedback.

Picture is a sample image of a student view of the gradebook. It shows a list of example assignments, points earned, and sample feedback from the instructor.

User Progress Tool

Another way to view grades is through the User Progress tool. Choose User Progress from the Course Tools drop down menu.

Image shows the Course Tools menu and related User Progress item to be selected.

Once in the User Progress tool, use the menu on the left to select grades.

Picture is a sample image of the User Progress tool in eLearn. It shows the student assignments, grade earned, and sample feedback.