eLearn MyHome

When you first log in to eLearn, you are taken to the My Home page. From this main page, you can:

  • Access your courses
  • Check your eLearn Course Mail
  • Update and change your preferences
  • View news posted by Distributed Education
  • View information about events

The eLearn Homepage. The Minibar is located along the top of the screen, with the NavBar and Homepage Widgets beneath it.

The navigation bar on the top of the Home page is referred to as the MiniBar. You will find links to My Home, a Dropdown Menu for your courses, a notification area, and your preferences menus.

Other features of the My Home page include:

  • Links to Useful Pages: Under Academic Resources, Student Services, and Help you'll find numerous links to help you succeed in your online courses and college overall.
  • Events & News: Up and coming events for both eLearn and the campus are posted in the News Widget. Check it often for anything new or helpful!
  • My Courses: All your current eLearn courses will be located here.
  • Updates: Provides notifications for your courses (New messages, new grades, new assignments, etc.).

How do I log into eLearn?

  1. Open a browser and type http://elearn.volstate.edu into the web address line.
  2. Enter your MyVolState Portal username and password in the appropriate fields in the login box.
  3. Click Login.

Accessing Your Courses

  • You can access your courses from the My Courses Widget, or the Select a Course dropdown in the minibar.
  • Note: To return to the My Home page, click the My Home link in the course navigation bar, or the eLearn Logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my eLearn preferences?
You can change different eLearn settings via the My Home page. From your main homepage, click your name. You will be able to select a variety of different options for editing.
Where are my classes?
Your classes will be located in the My Courses Widget.