eLearn Preferences

If you want to change your font settings, discussion room layout, email preferences and any other settings, you can choose these by clicking on your name in the Minibar. 

The preferences menu is available by clicking your name in the Minibar.

Creating an eLearn Profile

All users have the ability to create an eLearn Profile, which lets anyone in your classes see the information you choose to share! If you don't include anything, nothing will be visible.

Clicking on Profile in the Preferences dropdown brings you to the following screen:

This is the Edit Profile screen in eLearn

Here you can change your:

  • Profile picture (Recommended)
  • Nickname
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Birthday (Day and Month)
  • and fill in other pieces of information that you want to share (Hobbies, Favorite Movies/Book/Quotes)

Remember that you can choose what you want on your profile! Just because there's an empty box doesn't mean it has to have something in it. Only want to put in a profile pic and nothing else? That's fine! Want to fill out every box? Go for it!

Configuring Notifications

From the Notification Settings screen, you can configure email and mobile notifications. From here you can do the following:

  • Choose to continue to receive notifications in your Student Gmail, or to add them to a custom email address 
    • Note: This is NOT for forwarding Course Mail to an external address. This is only for receiving notifications.
  • Register your Mobile Number, allowing you to get SMS Text messages for notifications of your choosing
  • Choose to have the system email you periodically with a summary of everything that has happened in your online courses
  • Select the various reasons for notifications to be sent
  • Customize the content inside the notifications

Screenshot of the Notification Settings screen in eLearn

You can choose to not have any notifications sent to you by unchecking all of the checkboxes, but you also have the ability to exclude some of your courses from sending notifications.

Changing Account Settings

The Account Settings page is where you'll go to change preferences such as the standard font used by eLearn as well as font size, and adjust your time zone.

You'll notice at the top there are also other tabs, for Discussions, and Email (eLearn Course Mail).

Screenshot of Account Settings Page in eLearn

Changing Discussion Settings

This tab allows you to change basic discussion board settings, such as including the original post in the reply message.

Screenshot of the Discussion Settings page.

Changing Email (eLearn Course Mail) Settings

The Email tab in Account Settings allows you to customize how your eLearn Course Mail is configured, and how your Inbox is shown.

You can:

  • Enable the original message at the bottom of all replies
  • Save sent messages in Sent folder
  • Configure Display options for the Inbox:
    • Show messages in the same window (If message preview is unchecked, messages will open in a new window.)
    • Show Inbox folder list
    • Mark Messages as read when using the Preview Pane
    • Show your classmates' Course Mail addresses in the Address Book
    • Enable filtering based on class Groups

Screenshot of the eLearn Course Mail Settings page.