eLearn Tip Sheet

What is eLearn?

eLearn is a web-based course management system designed to create a rich online learning environment for students. eLearn includes features such as an electronic dropbox, automated gradebook, discussion boards, and quizzes.

How do I log in to eLearn?

Steps for logging into eLearn

  1. Open up an Internet browser (i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  2. Go to http://elearn.volstate.edu/
  3. Log in using your assigned username and password.

How do I see my courses in eLearn?

Once you successfully accessed the eLearn Home page by Logging In with your Username and Password, look for the box labeled My Courses on the left of the screen.

NOTE: You won't be able to see your classes until they officially begin. If you still cannot see them after the semester starts, contact Distributed Education.

What if I can't log into eLearn?

Contact Distributed Education

Once inside my eLearn course, how do I access the course materials?

Use the navigational tool bar along the top of your course homepage. The links located on this tool bar allows you to access materials within your course. Some tools that your instructor may be using include:

  • Content which may include your course syllabus, reading material, or homework instructions.
  • Grades where you can see your grades on assignments throughout the semester.
  • Dropbox where you can submit electronic copies of your homework to your instructor.
  • Quizzes where you can complete course quizzes.
Some helpful Tips for using eLearn
  • Get in the habit of using the links located on the navigational tool bar to move around inside your course.
  • When exiting your eLearn course, be sure to click on the Logout link AND close the browser window. This is especially important if you are using a computer in a public lab.

Where can I get more help if I need it?

Contact Distributed Education