Past Workshops

Health Sciences

The Color of VisionEYH Image

Presenter: Dr. Alisha Cornish
Concentration: Ophthalmic
Why are your eyes blue? Why do you see color? Why are some people colorblind? This workshop explores color as it relates to vision and the eye. Through the use of ophthalmic microscopes and photography equipment, attendees will learn the answers to these questions.

Airway Management

Presenters: Brandie Park, Mallory Higginbotham
Concentration: EMT/Paramedic
This workshop would give the girls an opportunity to work with manikin heads and learn how EMT's manage a patient's airway in a fun, interactive environment.

Get Results with Medical Laboratory Science!

Presenter: Kimberly Helton
Concentration: Medical Lab
In this workshop we will talk about the exciting field of medical laboratory science. Everyday clinical laboratorians use biology, chemistry, and technology to help physicians diagnose a wide range of illnesses and conditions. It's a career where you can use your knowledge of science to truly improve the lives of others! During the workshop, we will learn specifically about ABO and Rh blood types, their importance in blood transfusion, and how they can sometimes be used to help solve crimes. Finally, you'll have an opportunity to solve your own mystery using laboratory testing!

Computer Information Technology

Coding CampEYH Photo

Presenter: Dr. Chenchutta Jackson
Concentration: Computer Coding
In this workshop, students will learn some basics of computer coding and have fun!

Hour of Code

Presenters: Stephanie McGlathery (VF Corporation) and Angela Longaberger (Hankook Tire America Corporation)
Concentration: Computer Programming
In this workshop Students will have access to the computer and the web and learn the basics of computer programming. 


How's the Water?EYH Photo

Presenter: Erin Bloom
Concentration: Biologic Science
Students will have the opportunity to learn how aquatic organisms are used at bioindicators of stream health. Students will learn a variety of sampling methods and will have a chance to make their own identifications of common aquatic organisms from a local stream.
* Students attending this workshop will need water shoes/rain boots and a change of clothes in the event that the student gets wet.

It's a Gas

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer McKenzie (Director of Compliance at Merit Laboratory Partners)
Concentration: Chemistry
Many types of chemical reactions produce gas as a by-product. Join us in this hand-on laboratory workshop and use chemistry to create foam, inflate balloons (and more!) and learn about the different types of chemical reactions that make it happen.

It's Chemically Delicious

Presenter: Dr. June Hunter
Concentration: Chemistry
In this workshop, students will discover the secret of making delicious ice cream without using an ice cream maker. You will learn the theory behind the making of ice cream and also have an opportunity to create your own recipes and make delicious ice cream in 10 min or less.

Dog Heart in MotionEYH Photo

Presenter: Dr. Hope Wright
Concentration: Animal Science
In this workshop we will look at all aspects of a dog's heart. We will look at a dissected heart, listen to the heart beat, view a radiograph of a dog's heart and view the heart in motion on an ultrasound machine.

Color My World

Presenter: Cheryl Holdaway (Newell Brands)
Concentration: Chemistry
The world is so many different colors. Where do all of these come from? Learn a little about how scientists identify colors and then make things that color. Do some hands on experiments separating colors and coming up with new colors.

Insect GENErationEYH Photo

Presenters: Meagan Postema and Sarah Maddox (Vanderbilt University)
Concentration: Genetics
In this workshop students will build a model insect based upon genetic information we will provide to them. Gene forms (alleles) contributed by each parent are determined by tossing a coin with one side representing the dominant form of the gene and the other side representing the recessive form. Students will record the genotype and phenotype for each trait and then construct the insect using provided materials.

Your Analysis: Urinalysis and Toxicological Testing in a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer McKenzie(Director of Compliance at Merit Laboratory Partners)
Concentration: Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
Individuals of all levels of education and training come together in a clinical laboratory to provide critical information about a patient's health to medical professionals. This workshop will provide an introduction to the many career options (from HS level to PhD or MD) in this field. Participants will learn to interpret the results of a point-of-care test and use provided patient history to order additional testing.


Fun with CircuitsEYH Photo

Presenters: Kurt Hallquist and Mary Thomas (Schneider Electric)
Concentration: Electrical Engineering
In this workshop, we will present circuit protection with an experiment to overload a simple low voltage circuit and blow a fuse.

We're Gonna Blow You Away!

Presenters: Mary Thomas and Kurt Hallquist (Schneider Electric)
Concentration: Electrical Engineering
In this workshop, we are going to blow you away with solar powered fans! 

Electric Cars, Gears, and Pulleys

Presenter: Marques Toliver (Schneider Electric)
Concentration: Electrical Engineering
This is an introduction into the world of electric motors, design, and gears. Students will build an electric car out of pop sickle sticks and add gears to connect the motor. We will look at which gears affect the speed of the motor and how other team’s gears can carry more weight. 


That's So Random! An Introductory Exploration of Probability and Random Events

Presenter: Jennifer Seat
Concentration: Statistics
In this activity based event participants will be exposed to the foundational ideas of probability and random events. As a group we will explore several ideas related to how events occur and fundamental counting structures. By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:
1.    Determine if an event is random
2.    Identify the composition of a probability trial
3.    Discuss how probability influences events around us

Body of EvidenceEYH Photo

Presenter: Tammy L. Jones (TLJ Consulting Group)
Concentration: STEM
Body of Evidence casts students in the role of the forensic anthropologist. It provides them with information from a simulated death investigation and challenges them to identify the victim from a list of missing persons. By matching interactive graphical plots of the data with the victim's state of decomposition, the students unravel the case using the same STEM tools real-life investigators use.

The Bandit's Bad Hair Day

Presenter: Tammy L. Jones (TLJ Consulting Group)
Concentration: STEM
This workshop introduces students to the STEM concepts behind DNA fingerprinting in a relevant, meaningful context. By taking them through the processes for testing trace evidence, the simulation provides opportunities to learn about the structure of DNA, the use of restriction enzymes to break DNA into specific strands, how they are sequenced and what they mean.


Chimpanzees, Space, Rings, and Elasticity: Contributions Women have made to STEM

Presenters: Leah Frauendienst, Erin Bloom, and Elizabeth Forrester
Concentration: STEM
In this workshop students will participate in a brief scavenger hunt where they will have the opportunity to learn about women in science, technology, and math, as well as solve a variety of riddles and puzzles. Groups that are successful may be rewarded at the end!

Uncovering Hidden Figures: Women and Engineering in the Space Race

Presenter: Megan Davis (Lipscomb University)
Concentration: STEM
Lipscomb is bringing the Hidden Figures author, Margot Lee Shetterly, to campus in February, and this workshop is about the African American women at NASA in the 1960s.

Adult Workshop

Pathways to Cybersecurity

Presenter: Patricia Anderson
Concentration: Cybersecurity
Summary: In this workshop we will talk about what you need to know about scholarships, internships, and careers in cybersecurity.