Vol State Launches Medical Assisting Degree Program

stock photo of medical office

The need for trained medical assistants is quite high. You interact with these people when you visit a doctor’s office or a clinic. They do everything from checking vital signs, running EKG equipment, and helping with lab tests. Volunteer State Community College can prepare students for the field with the new Medical Assisting degree program. The Medical Assisting Program provides classroom and hands-on clinical education. The goal is for students to become multi-skilled health professionals.

“In medical assisting, there are a great variety of areas the student can go into,” said Amber Tinner. “If they want to just work in the front office, they can do that. If they just want to do clinical work, they can do that. Or they can do a bit of both.” Tinner is the recently hired director of the Vol State program. She comes from Chattahoochee Technical College in metro Atlanta, where she has been teaching for the last nine years.

“I get phone calls and emails from employers all the time looking for qualified people,” Tinner said. “I’ve had students start at $40,000 a year after graduating and passing their credentialing exams. It just depends on where they are job searching and what type of a facility is doing the hiring. Some smaller facilities may pay more like $25,000 to start. If someone is not credentialed they will start at a lower wage. The Vol State program prepares students to sit for the accreditation exams.”

The training is also a good platform for advancement in the medical profession. Students can go on to seek other certifications in the specialty areas to grow their skills. “Students need to possess integrity and have great teamwork skills,” said Tinner. “They also need excellent verbal and written communication skills.”

Vol State Medical Assisting offers an associate of applied science degree, a two-year degree program designed to get students directly into the workforce. The first group will begin in January. However, students are encouraged to start with general education classes this fall at Vol State. They can apply now at www.volstate.edu/apply.

Applications for the program will open in September. For more information visit www.volstate.edu/assist or call 615-230-3330.