Course Development Process

The course developer should follow this process for developing an online or hybrid course for Vol State. If you are developing a course for the first time, some training is required. We are here to support and assist you. Contact Distributed Education to schedule an appointment or for help. 

Proposal & Contracting Process

(Submit proposal at least 3 months prior to course start date.)

Submit completed Online Course Development Proposal

  • Complete the Online Course Development Proposal within Curriculog
  • Be sure to obtain signature from the Dean of your Division.
  • DE will sign and submit to Academic Affairs for signatures.
  • DE will keep a fully signed copy on file.
  • Once approved, DE will initiate a Work for Hire agreement.

Submit completed Work for Hire agreement

  • Once a course development proposal has been approved, DE will initiate the Work for Hire form (Word).
  • Sign the agreement and obtain the signature from your Academic Dean.
  • Submit the agreement to Distributed Education.
  • DE will route for remaining signatures and will keep a fully signed copy on file.
  • After the agreement is finalized, DE will create a master course shell within eLearn for you.

Submit Extra Compensation form

  • Once an approved course passes review, DE will send the developer an Extra Comp form and all paperwork.
  • Sign Extra Comp form and obtain signature from the Dean of your Division.
  • Send all completed paperwork to Academic Affairs. Paperwork will then be routed to Business and Finance and Human Resources. 
  • Please note: once DE sends form to developer for signatures, DE is no longer responsible for the routing of paperwork.

Planning & Design Process

Read through the Vol State Standards for Online Course Development and Instruction.

Create a course plan and structure. This Course Planning Worksheet will help you to articulate and organize:

Development Resources

Review Process

(Complete at least 1 month prior to course start date)

All newly developed courses will be evaluated for quality assurance and accessibility standards. Distributed Education is responsible for the final course review of all VSCC DE courses. Courses taught using distance learning technologies meet the same academic requirements of courses delivered by on-campus instruction. 

When your course is ready for for review, notify Distributed Education. DE will coordinate the course review process following the Quality Matters rubric and utilizing the Quality Matters web form.

Setup a QM Account

Create a user account on the QM Program/MyQM (new window) website by entering your email address and choosing "No, I do not have a password." Fill out the form to create your account.  

screenshot of account creation page

Start a Review Application

After you are logged in, locate and click on MyCR on the top navigation bar. 

screenshot of MyQM MyCR login page

  1. Click Start a Review Application. Be sure to list yourself as the course representative.
  2. Select the Quality Matters rubric and then enter in your course information. Submit application.
  3. You will receive an email asking you to fill out the course worksheet. Complete and submit this worksheet.
  4. After everything has been approved, the review team will be selected (a peer, a supervisor or their designee, and someone from DE) and the review will begin. You will receive emails updating you through the process.
  5. Once a master course is approved and ready for offering, DE will notify the developer and the Dean of the Division.
  6. Divisions are responsible for copying course sections from the approved master course and for assigning instructors to course sections.