Service Learning Student Guidelines

This list is not intended to be exhaustive but to bring to the Volunteer State Community College student's mind specific areas for their attention during the process of a Service-Learning project.

  • Formalize service arrangements in advance - Check with your professor and site supervisor for needed forms/agreements/background checks before you go to a site for service.
  • Be Professional- Remember that you are representing VSCC and building professional skills. Meet deadlines; be punctual and fully present for all appointments. Practice professionalism by dressing according to the occasion/setting and communicating respectfully at all times.
  • Respect Diversity- Diversity may be found in many forms: ethnicity, culture, gender, social economic class, ideas, etc. Learn to appreciate other points of view. Practice teamwork. Notice what strengths are available in the community and how we can work together to address needs and build partnerships.
  • Participate with and Maintain Professional Communication- During your Service Learning project, discuss concerns and questions with either your professor and/or your project supervisor. Resolve misunderstandings, disagreements, and concerns respectfully and quickly, before they become unmanageable. Follow professional email etiquette for all correspondence.
  • Research and Reflect- Learn the important focal areas of an agency or organization in advance to assist your understanding of Service Learning work. Look for opportunities to build your professional skills. Research the context for service and connect it to your course learning and professional goals. Consult your course syllabi and academic program pages for skills, as well as the NACE pages, such as to set goals and connect your service to your own progress. (Tip: You can use these skills in future job interviews and applications/resumes!)

If you understand and agree to these guidelines, you're ready to work with your instructor or advisor to determine the details of your project, then you are ready to apply to a Student Service Learning Project .