Service Learning Student Guidelines

This list is not intended to be exhaustive but to bring to the Volunteer State Community College student's mind specific areas for their attention during the process of a Service-Learning project.

  • Be Professional - Arrive and leave on time. Dress according to the dress code of the site and situation. Clothing should always be modest, not suggestive, and without gang insignia, color, or ideation.
  • Be Clean and Neat - Good hygiene is important for your health and well-being, for the comfort of those around you, and for the development of your professional presentation.
  • Respect Diversity - Diversity may be found in many forms: ethnicity, culture, gender, social economic class, ideas, etc. Remember that everyone is different and yet similar in some way. Learn to appreciate things from the service recipient's point of view. Notice what strengths are available in the community setting and how they may be applied to the needs of that same community.
  • Research your Service-Learning organization - Learn the important focus areas of an agency or organization in advance to assist your understanding of Service Learning work. Demonstrate respect and professionalism at your site agency/organization.
  • Maintain a good attendance - Contact your site supervisor and your instructor if circumstances arise where you will not be able to arrive on time or be present during a scheduled Service Learning time. If you miss Service Learning appointment, make arrangements to make it up as soon as possible. In some situations, missed Service-Learning time may mean a lower grade, failure of that portion of the class or other consequences.
  • Participate with and Maintain Professional Communication - During your Service Learning project, discuss concerns and questions with either your professor or your site supervisor. Resolve misunderstandings, disagreements, and concerns respectfully and quickly, before they become unmanageable.
  • Confidentiality - Make certain to maintain confidentiality! Do not discuss service recipients in hallways, elevators, bathrooms, or any other public place. Do not disclose confidential information. Identify and learn the policy of that agency/organization regarding what they consider confidential. Never give specific information about another person without appropriate authorization.

If you understand and agree to these guidelines, you're ready to work with your instructor or advisor to determine the details of your project, then you are ready to apply to a Student Service Learning Project .