Staff Council

The Staff Council is a representative voice of the support staff to the President, Administration, and other entities of the college. The primary focus of the Staff Council is to:

  • Promote a better understanding, cooperation and communication within the campus community.
  • Keep constituents advised of issues, policies and activities affecting them.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute to the governance of the institution.
  • Work to improve morale of the staff.
  • Emphasize and initiate opportunities for professional development.


  • Tammy Swindle, Co-Chair, Staff Council Rep on Cabinet, and Rep for Academic Affairs
  • Jimmy Hargrove, Co-Chair, Staff Council Rep on Professional Development, and Rep for Academic Affairs
  • Kimberly Roberts, Co-Recorder and Rep for Academic Affairs
  • Stacy Bagshaw, Rep for Student Services  
  • Jodi Evans, Rep for Upper Cumberland
  • Lenore Maurer, Rep for Student Services  
  • Ronnie Wade, Rep for Business and Finance  
  • Gerri Helms, Rep for Business and Finance
  • Cynthia Johns, Rep for Business and Finance
  • Penny Starr, Co-Recorder and Rep for Student Services
  • Erin Tickle, Rep for President's Office, Public Relations, and Foundation

Classified Staff Appreciation Winners

Year Month Name Title Department
2018 January Meredith Yates Library Associate Library Services and Learning Resources
2017 December Michael Clayton Custodian Plant Operations
2017 November Sharon Langford Custodian Livingston
2017 October Gerri Helms Accounting Associate Purchasing
2017 September Ronnie Poindexter Custodian Plant Operations
2017 August Teresa Corlew Senior Administrive Assistant Advising Center
2017 July Holly Harvey Administrative Associate Social Science
2017 June Carol Bazenet Administrative Assistant Career Services and Community Engagement
2017 May William Terry Livingston Center Math Specialist Learning Commons
2017 April Kristen Woodmore Senior Administrative Assistant Continuing Education
2017 March Brian Reagan Senior Administrative Assistant Livingston Center

Any VSCC employee may nominate a permanent classified staff employee for the Classified Staff Appreciation Award. This award recognizes classified staff for their commitment to excellence and the VSCC community.

Of the pool of nominees, a random drawing will be held to award one classified staff employee each month. Each month's recipient will receive a certificate and the opportunity to pick an item from the fit box. Nominations are good for the month of submission and the winner will be drawn and notified during the first week of the following month. Please be sure to nominate classified staff employees each month. Recipients of the award will not be eligible to receive the award again for the next four (4) months.

Please note that members of the Staff Council, excluding the Chair/Co-Chair, will also be eligible for the award since the drawing will be random and made by the Chair/Co-Chair of Staff Council. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Classified Staff Appreciation Nomination

All fields below are required in order to submit the nomination form. Each classified staff member nominated will only have their name entered in the monthly drawing once, regardless of the number of times nominated that month.