Supplemental Instruction

SI logoSupplemental Instruction (SI) is a student-led study group in which students work collaboratively to improve grades and comprehension in historically difficult courses. It is for everyone -- from the A student to the student struggling to pass.

Sessions are run 2 or 3 times per week, with students determining the time. You can come to as many or as few sessions as you want. Sessions include:

  • Small group discussion of difficult concepts
  • Note review
  • Exam preparation
  • Problem solving
  • Introduction of study skills
  • Digital games to review course work

Sessions are very casual, and only students attend. No one will ask about your grades. There are no instructors present, and students conduct the sessions. They are free and voluntary. A session is a good place to make new study friends.

Students who attend SI generally receive one half to one full letter grade higher on their final course grade. Increasing the number of sessions increases their grades. Students who attend SI are also less likely to withdraw from class.

To join an SI group, contact the SI leader in your classroom or your professor. If you do not have an SI leader in your class, you are welcome to join any of the SI sessions, even if the SI leader is not supporting your particular class.