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Vol State Offers a Mass Communication Degree at Our Regional Campuses

chalkboard with words relating to mass comm, such as media, tv, news, radio, internetJust as the name implies, a Mass Communication degree will investigate how communication impacts the masses. That means you will look at traditional communication using the radio, TV, news, and magazines as well as the Internet, social media, and films. Any platform that is used to spread messages, opinions, news, and entertainment to the masses (a large group of people) comes under the purview of Mass Communication.

It is a broad field and includes a fusion of photography, filmmaking, journalism, advertisement, public relations, content writing, and more.

Online Courses

As an online student, you will have the opportunity to take the following core classes online or virtually:

  • Comm 1010: Intro to Mass Communication
  • Comm 1020: Media Writing
  • Comm 250: Intro to Social Media
  • Comm 201: Sales & Advertising

Although there are other Mass Comm courses available, only these required courses have online or virtual options in order to meet the area of emphasis requirements of the Mass Comm degree.

For complete details on a Mass Comm degree, visit Mass Communication - A.A. or Mass Communication - A.S.

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