Testing Center

The Mission of the Testing Center is to support the academic, professional, and personal success of a diverse body of students, faculty, staff, and community members. We fulfill our mission by adhering to the professional standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and providing quality testing services in a welcoming, comfortable, accessible, and reduced-distraction environment where all individuals are treated with respect and high regard. All tests are administered under standardized conditions that are efficient, fair, and secure.

Scheduling a Testing Appointment

On-Campus Testing

Click one of the campus links below to schedule an on-campus testing appointment:

Online ACCUPLACER Placement Testing, Via Examity® ($25 fee)

Fill out the voucher request form to request an Examity® testing voucher, which will enable you to take the ACCUPLACER test online with Examity®, instead of in person at the Testing Center. Please note that Examity® charges a $25 proctoring fee. Visit the Examity® website for additional information.

Online E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) – Graduation Exit Exam

You must wait until your final semester of coursework to take the EPP. Submit a request to take the EPP online, without a testing appointment, during your final semester of coursework.


Submit a request for the Testing Center to proctor midterm and/or final exams for your online class(es) or to arrange a makeup exam for a student in an on-campus class. All exams are proctored in-person and by appointment only. Students must use the campus links listed above to schedule their appointments online.

*IMPORTANT: Please submit all midterm and/or final exam proctoring requests within the first four weeks of the semester, to give the Testing Center time to review all testing windows requested, as well as the number of students expected to test, so that we can determine what the peak exam periods will be and coordinate staffing and extended hours around those dates.

What is Required of Examinees Utilizing the Testing Center?

  1. Examinees must schedule a testing appointment in advance, using links posted on the Testing Center website.
  2. Examinees must pay the appropriate test fees, if applicable, before testing.
  3. Examinees must present current, unexpired photo identification for entry into the Testing Center. Photocopies, faxes, and smartphone photos of IDs are not acceptable.
  4. Examinees must be aware of the Testing Center's operating hours and allow plenty of time to complete testing before the Center's published closing time.
  5. No food, drink, cell phones, and/or other electronic devices are permitted in the Testing Center.
  6. No children or other adults may accompany examinees into the Testing Center. Children may not be left unattended on campus or in the Center while examinees are testing, and the Center cannot be responsible for children or adults who require care and supervision while the examinee is testing.

Academic Accommodations and Supportive Resources

Before testing, all currently-enrolled students with disabilities are invited to register for academic accommodations and supportive resources through the Access Center.

Test Security and Academic Dishonesty Policy

The Testing Center supports and adheres to standards for academic honesty outlined in the policy for Student Conduct and Discipline. This policy, along with definitions of academic dishonesty and its consequences, are outlined in the Student Handbook. If a student is observed using unauthorized aids during testing, the Testing Center Staff will:

  • Stop the student’s test and collect the test and all unauthorized aids.
  • Retain the test and all materials as documentation of an invalid test administration.
  • Report the incident, in writing, to the instructor, division dean, appropriate administrator, and/or testing publisher.
  • Inform the student to contact the instructor, if applicable.