Testing Center

Vol State has computerized testing centers to serve students, faculty, and community members at all four campuses in Gallatin, Cookeville, Livingston, and Springfield.

Scheduling a Testing Appointment

On-Campus Testing
  • CLEP Exams (Cookeville, Gallatin, or Livingston)
  • Graduation Exit Exams (May only be scheduled during your final semester of coursework.)
  • Microsoft Certification Exams (Gallatin)
  • Placement Tests (ACCUPLACER, ESOL, Spanish/French)
  • Remote Proctoring for Non-Vol State Students
  • State of TN Exams for Explosives Blaster, Fire Extinguisher, and LP Gas Dealer

Click one of the campus links below to schedule an on-campus testing appointment:

Online ACCUPLACER and Program-Specific Exit Exams (Computer Information Technology, Criminal Justice AAS, Entertainment Media, and Mechatronics)

Click here to schedule an appointment to test online, via Zoom.

Online ETS Proficiency Profile (ETSP) – Graduation Exit Exam

You must wait until your final semester of coursework to take the ETSP. Click here to submit a request to take the ETSP online, without a testing appointment.

Proctored Exams for Vol State Classes


Please click here if your instructor has directed you to schedule a testing appointment to take a proctored exam through the Testing Center.

Some Vol State classes require online proctoring of their exams through (1) Honorlock, (2) the Vol State Testing Center via Zoom, or (3) by instructors using Zoom or other means. It is very important that you know the proctored testing method required in your course by consulting your course syllabus, eLearn, or your instructor.

Details about online proctoring methods are provided in the Online Proctored Testing Guide for Students, which provides general guidance for online proctored testing, and includes a list of factors and considerations common to all online proctoring methods used by Vol State.


Click here to submit a request for the Testing Center to proctor the midterm(s) and/or final exam(s) for your online class(es). You may also use this form to submit a request for the Testing Center to proctor a make-up exam.

Please submit all midterm and final exam requests at the beginning of the semester, to give the Testing Center time to calculate the volume of student appointments needed within each testing window and determine if staffing and seating capacity are sufficient to accommodate all requests received.

TEAS Assessment for Nursing

Click here to schedule a testing appointment to test online, with Proctorio and Testing Center staff. Additional information will be provided to you after you schedule a testing appointment.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a test that is not listed above, please email testing@volstate.edu.

What is Required of Examinees Utilizing the Testing Center?

  1. Examinees must schedule a testing appointment in advance, using links posted on the Testing Center website.
  2. Examinees must pay the appropriate test fees, if applicable, prior to testing.
  3. Examinees must present current, unexpired photo identification for entry into the Testing Center. Photocopies, faxes, and smartphone photos of ID's are not acceptable.
  4. Examinees must be aware of the Testing Center's operating hours and allow plenty of time to complete testing before the Center's published closing time.
  5. No food, drink, cell phones, and/or other electronic devices are permitted in the Testing Center.
  6. No children or other adults may accompany examinees into the Testing Center. Children may not be left unattended on campus or in the Center while examinees are testing, and the Center cannot be responsible for children or adults who require care and supervision while examinee is testing.

Academic Accommodations and Supportive Resources

Prior to testing, all currently-enrolled students with disabilities are invited to register for academic accommodations and supportive resources through the Access Center.

Test Security and Academic Dishonesty Policy

The Testing Center supports and adheres to standards for academic honesty outlined in the policy for Student Conduct and Discipline. This policy, along with definitions of academic dishonesty and its consequences, are set forth in the Student Handbook. If a student is observed using unauthorized aids during testing, the Testing Center Staff will:

  • Stop the student’s test and collect the test and all unauthorized aids.
  • Retain the test and all materials as documentation of an invalid test administration.
  • Report the incident, in writing, to the instructor, division dean, appropriate administrator, and/or testing publisher.
  • Inform the student to contact the instructor, if applicable.