OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer

VSCC OSHA LogoTo become an Outreach Training Program trainer, an individual must meet the prerequisites and complete the applicable industry trainer course through an Authorizing Training Organization. See the specific industry program procedures for detailed information.  Trainer course prerequisites include components for both industry-specific safety and health experience and training in OSHA standards for that industry.  These are separate components. Industry experience cannot be used to fulfill or replace the training prerequisite component. OSHA does not waive the training prerequisite component.

Outreach Training Program Changes      OUTREACH PORTAL FOR TRAINERS

In order to register for an OSHA Trainer course (OSHA# 500/501/5400/5600) submit completed Prerequisite Verification Form (PVF), and, a copy of your course completion certificate(s) for the applicable OSHA courses to osha@volstate.edu. See separate Industry Procedures for:

Your PVF must delineate detailed information regarding your industry-specific safety related Job Duties and Safety Activities.  In other words, try to describe your safety related job duties and safety activities without using the word "Safety".

  • Job duties should:  List the specific duties that you performed in this position, focusing on those that are safety-related.
  • Safety Activities should:  List specific safety related tasks performed on the job, including the responsibility for the safety of others.   

Safety related experience must be detailed since the PVF document is a record of safety experience and will be carefully reviewed to determine whether eligibility requirements have been met.