TN eCampus Program

TN eCampus LogoVolunteer State Community College is a TN eCampus partner, offering online courses to provide students more options when scheduling classes. TN eCampus partners offer courses with the same academic rigor and outcomes as on-campus courses. Programs and services are monitored and evaluated to ensure quality. Additionally, TN eCampus instructors are trained on the online delivery platform, understand online learning principles, and adhere to high-quality teaching standards.

TN eCampus Course Schedule and Calendar

The most up-to-date information about TN eCampus courses offered each term is available on the TN eCampus Students website. Select a semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and click the "Submit" button to display the courses offered. Not all TN eCampus courses are available for registration through Volunteer State Community College. Only courses included in the Vol State catalog are available. In Vol State’s class schedule, search for TN eCampus: Online Asynchronous courses under the Instructional Method type. These courses will be designated with the letter R in the section number, such as R50 or R25.

Section Key:

  • R50 = Full 15-week term fall and spring, Full 10-week term in summer
  • R01 = First 7-week term
  • R25 = Second 7-week term
  • R35 = 10-week (late start) term

View the TN eCampus Academic Calendar for important term dates and deadlines. TN eCampus accepts new course enrollments through the first week of each term, and through the second week of each term with instructor approval/permission. Note that it will take up to 48-hours for a student to gain access to their course when registering late, so registrations after the first week of class are highly discouraged. For questions, contact the Vol State TN eCampus Student Liaison at

Textbooks and Supplies

Textbooks for TN eCampus courses should be ordered directly from the TN eCampus Virtual Bookstore, not the Vol State campus bookstore. Many textbooks are customized specifically for TN eCampus programs and have a special access code or other software that is bundled with the textbook. Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and supplies in a timely manner in order to be prepared and ready to participate the first day of classes. For specific questions about TN eCampus textbooks and supplies, please call the TN eCampus Virtual Bookstore at (888) 251-2665 or (615) 230-3636.

Read this before you buy books.

How to Login/Access TN eCampus Classes

Please note: Students will not be able to log into their TN eCampus classes until after 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on the published date that classes begin.

  • All TN eCampus courses are located at (not in the Vol State's eLearn portal).
  • The username is the first initial of the student's first name and full last name followed by the first four digits of their birth date. There are no spaces and no periods. If your last name is hyphenated, it will be your entire last name including the hyphen.
  • If you have never taken a TN eCampus course before, your password will be your six-digit birth date. (For example, John Smith is a student whose birthday is February 22, 1992. John’s username is jsmith0222 and his password is 022292.)
  • After your first login, you must change your password to something more secure. If you have taken TN eCampus classes before, your password will be the password that you used previously.
  • Read the TN eCampus Help Spot: Logging into your Course.

TN eCampus Technical Support

Password/Login problems? Need technical assistance? Contact the TN eCampus Technical Support department.

TN eCampus Attendance Reporting

TN eCampus instructors do not report attendance. Instead, an announcement will be posted at the top of every course homepage in the TN eCampus course with instructions to complete a 3-question, non-graded student participation survey by the stated deadline. After completing the survey, an attendance report will be generated and submitted to the student's home school. Please note that this report is not submitted every day, and there may be a 2- or 3-day delay between when the survey is completed and when attendance is recorded.

FREE Online Tutoring Services

Free virtual tutoring and writing assistance are available 24 hours a day through TN eCampus. Read this page for details. Vol State students taking TN eCampus courses may also receive free tutoring and writing assistance through the VSCC Learning Commons. The Learning Commons offers assistance virtually and in person at each Vol State campus.

Midterm & Final Exam Proctoring

TN eCampus students should check the syllabus for each TN eCampus class to determine if exams must be proctored.

Walk-ins cannot be accommodated during mid-term and final exam weeks at Vol State testing centers. Students should contact a testing center at least two weeks in advance to schedule a mid-term and/or final exam appointment. When scheduling an exam, students must allow enough time to be able to complete testing before the Testing Center's published closing time.

Tips & Resources