Graduation Exit Exams

E-Proficiency Profile (EPP)

  • ALL students graduating with an associate's degree (A.A., A.S., A.A.S., A.S.T., A.F.A.) must take the EPP. Students receiving a technical certificates are not required to take the EPP.
  • The EPP is a test of college-level skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics and is designed to measure the academic skills developed through general education courses.
  • All of the subject knowledge required to answer each question is contained in the question itself or the supporting materials that accompany the question.
  • Although the EPP is not a pass/fail exam and does not affect GPA, it is important that you do your best on the exam, as your performance reflects upon you, Vol State, and your program of study.
  • Each year, Vol State graduates rank at or near the top among all public colleges and universities in Tennessee, based in part upon performance on exit exams.

Program-Specific Exit Exams

In addition to the EPP, students graduating with one of the following degrees must ALSO complete an ADDITIONAL, program-specific exit exam:

A.A.S. Computer Information Technology (CIT) Applicants

  • Computer Information Technology (CIT) A.A.S. graduates must also take the CIT Exit Exam. 
  • This exam is not required of Information Systems A.S. TTP students.
  • No review is required for this exam.

Criminal Justice A.A.S. Applicants

  • Criminal Justice A.A.S. graduates must also take the Criminal Justice Exit Exam.
  • This exam is not required of A.A., A.S. or Technical Certificate Criminal Justice students.
  • No review is required for this exam.

Mechatronics Technology A.A.S. Applicants and Certificate Applicants

  • Mechatronics Technology A.A.S. graduates must also take the MECH Exit Exam.
  • No review is required for this exam. 

Scheduling a Testing Appointment

All exit exams must be scheduled and completed during your final semester of coursework at Vol State. To schedule a testing appointment, go to the Testing Center's web page and click the link for your campus.

Graduates' Student Loan Exit Counseling

All graduates who received a student loan at Vol State must complete the exit counseling online before receiving a diploma or transcript. The instructions for using the on-line exit counseling are listed below:

  • Visit Exit Counseling
  • Click the Blue Log In box
  • Login with your FSA ID Username or E-Mail Address and Click the Log In Button
  • Click on Complete Loan Counseling
  • Click the Start button for Exit Counseling (fourth box)
  • Select School
  • Read the following information and answer all questions in each section
  • After all sections are complete and submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation page which you will keep for your records.

When you have finished, the results will be sent to the Financial Aid Office within 24 hours to let us know you have completed exit counseling. If you have any questions, please call (615) 230-3456.