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Vol State’s online workforce training allows the flexibility to learn at your convenience! These courses are designed to enhance marketability for in-demand workforce skills and assist in gaining nationally recognized industry certifications!

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National and industry-recognized certifications provide the opportunity for individuals to develop specialized skills that are in demand and valuable in the workforce. Professional certifications can give you an advantage over other candidates who have similar qualifications. Online open enrollment programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to acquire professional-level certifications for many in-demand occupations. Instructors are actively involved in your online learning experience, responding to any questions or concerns, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.

If you have any questions, contact Workforce Development by email at WorkforceDevelopment@volstate.edu or by phone at (615) 230-3358.

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Vol State has partnered with ed2go to offer advanced career training in areas ranging from business, technology, health sciences, education, construction, arts and design, and hospitality. Check out the following link to review over 700 course and certification prep offerings to help you advance your career.

These courses provide practical skills for job training and professional development. They cater to individuals seeking to enhance their expertise without pursuing a formal degree.

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All courses referenced on this page are not for degree credits