Background Check Requirements

All students must have a criminal background check completed (with results provided to the Program) prior to formal acceptance in the Program. The results of the background check will be forwarded to the administrative staff at Vol State.

Student Information for Background Checks

In an effort to comply with the 2004 Human Resource Standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the majority of healthcare facilities used by the College for clinical training will require that all students undergo a background check prior to participating in clinical rotations. The background check shall include the following:

Name and Social Security number verification

Seven-year multi-county or statewide felony and related misdemeanor criminal record search

  • Violent Sexual Offender and Predator Registry Search
  • Tennessee Abuse registry maintained by TN Dept of Health pursuant to T.C.A. Section 68-11-1004
  • Employment verification, if applicable
  • HHS/OIG list of excluded individuals/entities
    • GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs
    • US Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
    • List of Specialty Designated Nationals (SDN)
  • Education verification
  • If applicable, healthcare licensure/certification verification

No student will be formally accepted until the College has received a satisfactory search result. Failure to submit the required background check report by the due date will result in the loss of his/her position in the incoming class. In this case, an alternate will be called to fill your seat.

Getting Started with Background Checks

Each student, at his/her own expense, will be responsible for acquiring the background check report and authorizing the submission of results to the College. The cost usually ranges from $75-$100. Agencies conducting the check should be directed to forward the report electronically to


The results of the background check must be sent by the agency to the student and the College. Students will receive a detailed report, but the College will receive a summary report only. If the results of the background check are not satisfactory, the student will not be eligible for clinical participation and will be required to withdraw from the Program.

Approved Vendor

The attached vendor resource is offered as a courtesy. THA makes no representations as to the fitness of any vendor to provide the service.

Truescreen, Inc.
251 Veterans Way
Warminster, PA  18974
1-888-276-8518 ext. 2006
Student Background Investigation Instructions