Graduation Requirements

In order to obtain a degree or certificate, you must complete the general requirements as prescribed by Vol State and specific requirements set forth for the program.

Minimum GPA

An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for the degree and/or certificate with the exception of Associate of Science in Teaching (AST) majors who must have an overall GPA of 2.75. Only college-level courses taken at Vol State are computed into the GPA for graduation.

Minimum Credit Hours

Each candidate must complete at least 60 semester hours to be eligible for the associate’s degree. All requirements specified in the catalog must be completed.

Catalog Requirements

The student must meet the requirements of either:

  • The catalog in effect at the time the student entered a program through admission to the college or by changing his/her major or
  • The current catalog

The catalog year in which the student is graduating must be within 5 years of your graduating term.

Minimum Hours in Residence (Transfer Credits)

At least 25 percent of semester credit hours applied toward a degree or certificate must be completed in residence at Volunteer State Community College. For example, 15 hours of a 60 hour associate degree must be completed in residence.

Additional Degrees

Requirements for more than one degree may be met if the second degree is a different type/major from the first. For example, an Associate of Science degree and an Associate of Arts degree would be possible; but not 2 Associate of Science degrees. A minimum of 25 percent of semester credit hours beyond the requirements for the first degree must be completed as well as all course requirements for the second degree. A separate Graduation Packet must be completed for each degree.

Obligations to the College

All candidates must fulfill all financial obligations to the college including parking tickets and overdue fees. Candidates with a registration hold caused by parking tickets, financial aid exit interview, etc. will not receive a diploma or transcript until the hold is cleared.

Exit Exams

All students seeking a degree from Vol State will be required to take the E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) through the Vol State Testing Center prior to being granted their degree. Information regarding scheduling the exam will be sent to the student once his/her Graduation Plan has been processed. Certificate students are exempt from the E-Proficiency Profile. This exam is not pass/fail but is used to determine general academic knowledge that would have been taught in general education courses. Students are encouraged to do their best because their performance will affect funding and future students of the college.

Additional Requirements

  • Students who are graduating with an AAS Business program must participate in a review given by the Business & Technology Division.
  • Students who are graduating with an AAS Computer Information Technology (CIT) degree must take the CIT Exit Exam through the Vol State Testing Center.
  • Students who are graduating with an AAS Criminal Justice degree must take the Criminal Justice Exit Exam through the Vol State Testing Center.
  • Students who are graduating with an AAS Entertainment Media Production (EMP) degree must take the EMP Exit Exam through the Vol State Testing Center.

For Associate of Science in Teaching majors:

  • Attainment of a 2.75 cumulative VSCC grade point average
  • Successful completion of PRAXIS CORE or ACT Composite score of 21 or higher
  • Receive satisfactory rating on 3 Disposition Assessments (reviewed by the Social Science & Education Division).