Deferred Payments

Deferred payment plans are only available for Fall and Spring semesters. Payment plans are not available for the Summer term.

The deferred payment plan is available to allow students to pay their registration fee in installments. The plan does not apply to books or to noncredit classes and is available for the fall and spring semesters only. Fees for Liability Insurance and EMT Exams must be paid up front, in addition to the 50% deferred payment deposit and $25.00 service fee. These fees will not be added to the deferred plan. All students in good financial standing are eligible to participate in the deferred payment plan for their registration fees.

The plan requires a 50% down payment plus a $25.00 administrative fee and two additional 25% installment payments.

Students who fail to pay the 50% down payment will be deleted from the class rolls. For students who fail to pay their second or third installments, records will be held, late penalties applied, and other collection efforts will be pursued; however, the student will not be deleted from the class rolls. In addition, late fees will be charged 10 calendar days after the installment due date. Late fees are $25.00 per month up to a maximum amount $100.00 per semester.

The deferred payment contract link below should only be accessed and completed AFTER payment has been made either in person or over the phone with the Business Office. The Deferred Payment Plan is not complete until payment is made and a student has been enrolled into the plan by one of the cashiers.

Students that enroll in the plan and make payment online through the ePayment Gateway system do not have to complete this form. The deferred contract is not available for the summer term.

View the Deferred Payment Contract

Students may be required to enter their Vol State username and password before completing and submitting the form.

Withdrawal from classes does not forgive any remaining balance due. Refunds for students on the deferred payment plan are calculated based on the total fees assessed to the student (not just the portion of the fees actually paid). Then total fees assessed are reduced by the amount the student has paid and the refund credit. If the student has an overall credit balance, that amount will be refunded to the student. PLEASE NOTE THE REFUND IS NOT CALCULATED ON THE AMOUNT ACTUALLY PAID.

Deferred payments may be made in the Business Office or online. If the deferred payment is paid in the Business Office (at the cashier window, by mail or payment by phone), the student must complete a deferred payment contract and submit to the Business Office. The Deferred Payment contracts are available via the link provided above on this web page. The contract requires the student signature. For deferred payments not completed online, the installment amounts due will not appear on the student account until 10 days prior to the due date. If a student wants to pay the installment early and the charge is not showing on the student account, please contact the Business Office at (615) 230-3585.

If the deferred payment is paid online, students will agree to an electronic agreement in the payment process and do not have to complete the Deferred Payment Contract form. Students can view instructions for the set-up and payment for the online Deferred Payment Plan here. The online deferred payment plan gives students an option to save a payment method for the installments due October 1 and November 1 for fall term and March 1 and April 1 for spring term. A saved payment method is a stored credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Students also have the option to set up payments to be made automatically on the due dates. Please refer to the Deferred Payment Plan instructions on how to set up automatic payments. If the choice is made to set up automatic payments using a debit card, please be aware of the automatic charge to your account on the due date. If a student chooses not to set up automatic payments, they will be responsible for paying the installments on the due dates. Students have the ability to change the saved payment method online. If students have questions regarding the online Installment Plan or the saved payment method, please contact the Business Office at (615) 230-3585.