Add/Drop/Withdrawal From a Class

wall with v-flameEffective Monday, August 28, students can no longer "Add" a full-term class. There are, however, some classes that have not started yet that can be added online. (These include 5-week, 7-week, and 10-week term courses.)

Students now drop classes using the Drop/Withdraw Dynamic Form. Students access the form by clicking on the “Student Forms” app in the Portal and then selecting the “Drop/Withdraw Form” link.

It is extremely important for students who are receiving financial aid (grants, loans, lottery funds, scholarships, etc.) to notify the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a class. Once the semester begins, any changes to a class schedule could affect financial aid eligibility or generate additional fees that may have to be paid out-of-pocket.

Click here to view drop/withdrawal and refund deadlines