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Friday, April 3, was the last day to drop a full-term spring semester course and receive a “W.” If you believe that your circumstances warrant receiving a late “W,” you can submit an appeal through the Office of the Vice President of Student Services. (Please refer to the “Academic Calendar” for withdrawal dates of other terms besides full-term.)

Dual Enrollment Students

Dual Enrollment students needing to drop a class will follow the same drop/withdrawal process as traditional students. Students must complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form and obtain the required signatures and high school counselor. After completion, the counselor should email the form to the Dual Enrollment Office. This will ensure that the high school is still aware of the student’s intent to drop the class.

Students who wish to drop all of their classes can have their drop form signed by their High School Counselor. For a list of the withdrawal dates by semester please visit https://www.volstate.edu/tuition-fees/refunds.