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As a reminder, students who now wish to drop a full-term class (while still remaining enrolled in at least one other class) must obtain a signature from their professor and complete a DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL FORM. After completion, this form should be taken to the Records Office. Students who wish to drop all of their classes, however, must speak with an Advisor/Counselor in the Advising Center, Completion Advisor in an Academic Division, or approved staff member. The last day to withdraw and receive a “W” for a full-term fall semester class is Friday, November 1, 2019. (Please refer to the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates of classes in First Seven Week, Second Seven Week, Ten Week, and Third Five Week Terms.)

Before dropping a class, students should remember that sometimes merely speaking with the instructor might ease their minds and there may not be a need to drop it at all. Students may be doing better academically than they think OR after conferring with the instructor they may mutually decide on some strategies that may help them improve their performance. There are many student support services available. (See College Success Zone on the website.)

It is extremely important for students who are receiving financial aid (grants, loans, lottery funds, scholarships, etc.) to notify the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a class or withdrawing from the College.