Add/Drop/Withdrawal From a Class

wall with v-flameEffective Monday, January 29, students can no longer "Add" a full-term class. There are, however, some classes that have not started yet that can be added online. (These include 5-week, 7-week, and 10-week term courses.)

Students can now drop classes using the Drop/Withdraw Dynamic Form. Students access the form by clicking on the “Student Forms” app in the Portal and then selecting the “Drop/Withdraw Form” link.  The last day to drop a full-term course is March 22.

It is extremely important for students who are receiving financial aid (grants, loans, lottery funds, scholarships, etc.) to notify the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a class. Once the semester begins, any changes to a class schedule could affect financial aid eligibility or generate additional fees that may have to be paid out-of-pocket.

How to Drop or Withdraw from Classes

Click here to view drop/withdrawal and refund deadlines