Add/Drop/Withdrawal From a Class

wall with v-flameBeginning on Thursday, January 19, students who wish to add a class that has already started must call or visit the corresponding Academic Division for approval. (By policy, the Dean must approve beginning on the third day of the semester.)

Students should call or visit the Academic Division that houses the course they wish to add:

  • Business and Technology (Mattox 118): (615) 230-3301
  • Health Sciences (Wallace North 102) : (615) 230-3330
  • Humanities (SRB 208): (615) 230-3200
  • Math and Science (Warf 100): (615) 230-3261
  • Social Science and Education (Caudill 222): (615) 230-3240

Please note that students still can drop classes on their own (even all of them). However, beginning on Thursday, January 19, they will drop classes using the Drop/Withdraw Dynamic Form. Students access the form by clicking on the “Student Forms” app in the Portal and then selecting the “Drop/Withdraw Form” link. Before students drop a class, however, it is extremely important for them to contact the Office of Financial Aid in case there could be potential ramifications to the circumstances of their financial aid.