How to Request a Transcript for Studying Abroad with TnCIS

Please follow the steps below for submitting your transcript. There is no fee for submitting a transcript to the TnCIS office.

  1. Log into the My Vol State portal
  2. Click on “Student Forms”
  3. Click on “Transcript Request”
  4. Click the link for “National Student Clearinghouse”
  5. Click on the box that says “I am a Student”
  6. Click on “Order a Transcript”
  7. Select “Volunteer State Community College”
  8. Click on “Order a Transcript” again
  9. Fill in all required student and personal information
  10. Under recipient, select "College or University" (verify correct country and state-- USA, TN)
    1. Search for Pellissippi State Community College
    2. Send to Department: TnCIS Study Abroad
    3. Click to send "as is"