The English Department offers coursework to support the general education requirements of all degree programs of the College. Additionally, the department offers courses in literature, creative writing, film, and independent study.

Courses of Study

Freshman Composition

student holding a book and smilingThe freshman composition sequence at Vol State consists of ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020. The student must have successfully completed ENGL 1010 before registering for ENGL 1020 . The student must have successfully completed ENGL 1020 before registering for any sophomore English course.

English Composition I includes writing expository compositions based primarily on analysis of essays and literary works with an emphasis on rhetorical modes, documentation skills, and revision. Students must have acceptable placement scores or have completed all competencies for Learning Support.

English Composition II includes writing argumentative compositions based on issues raised in essays and literary works with emphasis on research skills, support and revision. Students must have successfully completed ENGL 1010 before registering for this course.

Sophomore Literature

To satisfy the sophomore literature requirements, Vol State students may choose two courses from any of the following classes: ENGL 2010, 2020, 2110, 2120, 2310, or 2320. These courses may be taken in any order. No other English courses may be substituted for the sophomore literature requirement specified in the general education program for any degree.

  • ENGL 2010 Introduction to Poetry and Drama
  • ENGL 2020 Introduction to Fiction
  • ENGL 2030 Experience of Literature
  • ENGL 2110 Survey of American Literature to 1865
  • ENGL 2120 Survey of American Literature from 1865 to Present
  • ENGL 2310 Survey of World Literature to 1650
  • ENGL 2320 Survey of World Literature II from 1650 to Present

Learning Commons

If you need extra assistance when it comes to writing or foreign languages, the Learning Commons is the place to go. Tutors are available to assist students with every aspect of writing, from homework assignments to class projects. The Learning Commons offers speech outline and preparation assistance. Computers are available with word processing programs and Rosetta Stone software. Please visit the Learning Commons for campus specific locations and what each campus offers.


View archives of the Pioneer Pen (student literary magazine) as well as some of our students' best essays.