Required Documents

Veterans Certification Request Form Information

Students desiring to use their Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or Department of Defense (DoD) educational benefits for a semester are required to fill out and complete a Veterans Certification Request Form (VCRF).  Be sure to have registered for courses that follow your chosen degree/certificate plan.  The VCRF also includes a Student Responsibility Statement and Deferment of Tuition & Fees for semester. The VCRF is located on the My Vol State portal, under the Pride Online tab in the Student Forms section.

NOTE:  If students have registered for classes and are planning on using VA/DoD educational benefits for the semester be sure to complete the VCRF for registered courses prior to the Tuition and Fees due date for the semester.  If the VCRF is not completed by this date, the student may be purged from their courses and the office of Veterans Affairs and Adult Learners may not be able to certify your classes for payment in time.