eBook Program

Volunteer State Community College has partnered with Follett Bookstore to provide the eBook program. Students enrolled in certain courses are charged an “eBook” fee for the online book and/or online homework. Students are automatically charged the fee to their student account, and will have access to the material on day 1.

These fees are not covered by TN Promise or TN Reconnect and may need to be paid out of pocket, if no other forms of aid are received. Be sure to check your My Vol State portal before fees are due to verify all fees will be covered by your financial aid.

Opt Out Option for eBook

If you decide you do not want to purchase the course materials provided to you as part of the program, you will be required to OPT OUT of the program. Be on the lookout the first week of classes for each part of term with instructions on how to opt out. If your instructor does not require the eBook or online access, you will still be required to opt out to avoid paying the fee. If you opt-out, you will be responsible for obtaining the required course material on your own. Once you have opted out, you will have until the deadline to opt back in. The deadline will be announced in the email the first week of classes, for each part of term. Please be sure to check with your instructor to ensure the material is required. The opt out period will vary for each part of term. If you register for a late starting class, you will be able to opt out during the period for that particular part of term. These dates are listed below.

If you have purchased a separate plan allowing unlimited access to the required course material, you will be required to follow the “opt out” process in order for the charge to be removed from your account. This includes Cengage Unlimited.

eBook Fees for Dropped Courses

The eBook fees are 100% refundable if dropped before the bookstore deadline for each part of term, listed below. If a course is dropped after this date, the eBook fee is non-refundable. After the class begins, the fee will not be removed from your account automatically. The fee will be removed once the invoice is received from the bookstore, once the drop period has ended.

Summer 2024 Important Dates and Deadlines

Full Term06/14/202405/28/202406/07/2024
2nd 5-weeks07/12/202407/02/202407/09/2024
12-week session05/31/202405/13/202405/24/2024
1st 5-weeks06/07/202405/28/202406/04/2024

Summer 2024 Course List

This list will be updated each semester and could change as new courses are added.

CRNTotal Student ChargeSections
ACCT 101082.00All
ACCT 102082.00All
BIOL 111068.75All
BIOL 201082.00All
BIOL 202082.00All
BIOL 223046.75001
BUSN 1305138.00All
BUSN 1380128.50C01
BUSN 2360128.50C01
BUSN 2370122.00All
BUSN 2380108.15All
CHEM 103068.75All
CITC 130285.00All
CITC 130366.15All
ECON 210082.00Online Only
ECON 220082.00Online Only
HED 12070.00All
INFS 101097.50All
LOGI 100057.00All
MATH 100587.50All - Except R50
MATH 101078.75All - Except R50
MATH 113066.25All - Except R50
MATH 153075.009C1, C02, Q51, Q61, X01, XC5, XC6
MATH 153087.50001, C01, XC1
MATH 163066.25All
MATH 1710107.00All - Except R50
MATH 1730107.00C01
MATH 183066.25All - Except R50
MATH 1910133.25All
PHIL 104046.00All
PHYS 211099.75001
PSCI 103068.75All
PSYC 213045.00C02
READ 081077.50All