Online Education

Online education gives you the flexibility to take classes that fit your schedule and lifestyle. We use the latest technology to make the classes manageable and engaging. Our online instructors receive specialized training in online education and they are always looking for new and better ways to teach online classes. Whether it’s one course or an entire online program, Vol State can help you get where you need to go.

Vol State has many general education courses that are offered online. These are classes that apply to many different majors. You can check the semester class schedule for a listing of those classes. Individual majors may also have some online offerings.

Current students can talk about those options with their academic advisor, or contact the Office of Advising. Our online courses have a "C" at the beginning of the section listing in the schedule of classes.

If you are new to Vol State, please contact the Admissions office.

Vol State has many programs that are entirely or primarily offered online. Here is a list of current online programs.

Is Online Right for You?

There can be a perception that online education is easier than traditional classroom learning. The reality is that online learning is just as challenging and often requires greater self-discipline. You may be a strong candidate for online learning if you can answer "yes" to questions like these:

  • Do I have regular access to a computer with high-speed Internet?
  • Do I know how to create, save, and organize files on my computer?
  • Am I self-motivated and organized?
  • Do I manage my time well?
  • Am I able to dedicate 6 to 9 hours each week to studying for each online class?
  • Am I able to communicate well with others in writing?
  • Am I comfortable using reading and writing as my primary means of learning?
  • Am I comfortable seeking help when I need it?

The good news is that Vol State provides you with many free resources to help you develop the skills needed to be successful as an online student. You can also try taking a hybrid course (part online, part in-person). Hybrid classes are a great way to get experience in the online learning system while reducing the number of classes you have to attend. Our hybrid courses have an “H” at the beginning of the section listing in the schedule of classes.

Explore eLearn, Vol State’s Online Learning System

Some students may be afraid they lack the technology skills required to be successful online. The Vol State online class system can be used by everyone. It’s called eLearn. A student new to eLearn courses will need to find their way around the course pages initially. But once you learn the system, it will apply in general to all of the classes you take. The most important attribute for the online student is a willingness to pay close attention to the course schedule and assignments. You will also need a good high-speed Internet connection.

Interested students learn more about eLearn by logging into a sample course or attending a campus workshop just before each fall and spring semester begins. Go to this eLearn Success page for more information.

Online courses are supported by the Office of Distributed Education. We call it Distributed because we have many ways of teaching courses these days, including online and hybrid classes.