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Centers for Academic Excellence Community SealThe Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology prepares students for positions in the workplace through the use of various systems, applications, languages, and products. The program consists of a common core of General Education and Computer Information Technology major core courses, combined with subject-specific courses designed to address skills within the concentration area. These subject-specific courses focus on those skill sets identified by employers as essential in today’s workplace and, where appropriate, will prepare students for industry-recognized certification examinations. The concentrations are designed to ensure that students have the proper experience, training, and skills to begin work in the chosen field upon successful completion of the chosen program of study.

The Cyber Defense Concentration will focus on topics in cyber security and digital forensics.  The students will learn how to fortify computer networks in order to prevent security breaches from cyber terrorists or other intruders.  In addition, students will learn how to recover data using digital forensics techniques.  Students will also develop strong critical thinking skills and will learn by doing within a hands-on lab environment along with real-world internship experiences.  Required courses include Digital Forensics, Network Security and Principles of Information Assurance, Beginning HTML and CSS, Introduction to Networking, Introduction to Programming and Logic.

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If you would like additional information about the CIT-Cyber Defense Program, contact Dr. Abbas Imam at (615) 230-3319 or or the Business and Technology Division at (615) 230-3303.