PTA Program Outcomes Information

PTA Program Outcomes Information

Year Graduation Rate NPTE First-Time Pass Rate/Ultimate Pass Rate Employment Rate
2022 78.9% 80.0% / 100% 100%
2021 100% 100% / 100% 100%
2020 100% 87.5% / 96.9% 90%

Two-Year Average Graduation Rate, Licensure Exam Pass Rate and Employment Rate

Years Graduation Rate NPTE Pass Rate
First Time/Ultimate
Employment Rate
2021-2022 89.45% 90% First Time
100% Ultimate

Career and Salary Information

The following is a list of some of the career choices that may be obtained upon completion of this program. Please visit the Occupational Employment Statistics website or speak to an advisor for additional career opportunities, salary information and education requirements. Salaries are not guaranteed.

Career Hourly Mean Wage
State of TN
Annual Mean Wage
State of TN
Physical Therapist Assistant $27.34 $56,870