Psychology is a program designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding human behavior. Through its various courses, students develop a basic knowledge of psychology's history, its development as a science, how research is conducted, and terminology and concepts found in the psychological field. Courses focus on behavior in relation to social and cultural contexts, group situations, and biological and environmental influences.

Knowledge of psychology affords a student the ability to understand relationships, how memory works, how perceptions influence our daily lives, how our lifestyle choices are related to health and stress, how various states of arousal influence motivation; basically how to function more fully in all the various aspects of life. Students in psychology courses are given the opportunity to acquire and develop critical thinking skills, skills for the assessment of personal values, and an understanding of how these values impact mental and physical well being. Hopefully with the knowledge gained, students will be better able to explore issues regarding problem solving, communication, interpersonal relationships, and academic and personal development.

Courses of Study