Dual Enrollment Online Application Process

  1. New dual enrollment students who have not previously been admitted to the dual enrollment program must fill out a VSCC online application.
    • Apply to Volunteer State Community College at www.volstate.edu
    • Click ADMISSIONS
    • Click APPLY
    • Create a Login ID and PIN
    • Application Type-select - 7. DUAL/JOINT ENROLLMENT APP
    • Select admission term – Select the term you plan to register class for.
    • Please use a PERSONAL email address instead of your high school student email address
    • When you have completed, click on Application is Complete
    • Click I agree to the terms and submit
    • Print checklist
  2. Students will receive the required Dual Enrollment Forms through email within 24 hours of application submission.
  3. Student must meet with their high school counselor to turn in the signed Dual Enrollment paperwork.
  4. Student should complete the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant application online. (Must be done each academic year).

*Volunteer State Community College will be transitioning to an application process utilizing a dynamic form.  This will allow for easier tracking of document submission and provide real-time updates to an application status.

**Students who have previously completed Dual Enrollment courses with another college/university will be required to provide an official transcript from that institution for certification of grants.