Applying to Graduate

When to Apply to Graduate

Students should apply to graduate for a degree at least one semester prior to their graduating term. Students should apply to graduate with a certificate the semester before their graduating term for a two semester certificate program or within the first week of a one semester certificate program. 

Graduation is applied to a specific semester. For each semester, there is a deadline to submit a fully completed Graduation Packet.

Applications received by the priority deadline will be processed in the order received. A preliminary graduation audit by the Graduation Analyst will be completed on applications received by the priority deadline.

Deadlines by Semester

Graduating Semester

Priority Deadline

Final Deadline


October 31st

February 1st


March 15th

June 1st


April 30th

September 1st

Students applying to graduate after the priority deadline must submit their Graduation Plan no later than the final deadline in order to be considered for the term of application. Applications received after the final deadline will be filed for the following term. Applicants must review all graduation requirements in the appropriate College Catalog for their program, check progress using DegreeWorks in the online student portal, and work closely with their advisor to ensure that all requirements will be met in their anticipated graduation term.

How to Apply to Graduate

  1. Pick up a Graduation Packet in the Office of Records & Registration, Ramer 183. Follow the step-by-step instructions for How to Apply to Graduate.
  2. Make an appointment with an advisor to review your credits and degree/certificate program requirements.
  3. Complete the Graduation Plan with your advisor.
  4. Return your completed Graduation Plan to the Office of Records and Registration (Ramer 183) by the deadline listed above. The Ramer Building is #1 on the Campus Map.
  5. Refer to the checklists in the Graduation Packet for information about graduation exit exams and additional graduation requirements.

What to Do After You Apply

Applicants should follow their progress toward completion of their applied program using the DegreeWorks audit in the My VolState portal. All graduation exit exams should be completed by the end of the graduating term. Applicants must regularly check their student email account for information from the Graduation Analyst regarding graduation requirements and Commencement deadlines.

Updating Your Graduation Record

After the Graduation Plan has been submitted, a student MUST complete and submit an Update Graduation Record Form in the Office of Records & Registration in order to change their major/program, anticipated graduation term/year, or catalog year.