Adult Learners

Are you juggling family, home, and work?  But something is still missing for a sense of balance. Let Vol State help you find that perfect balance!

Volunteer State Community College can assist you with getting started to achieve your goal!

We recognize the tremendous experience of adult learners and are delighted with the level of diversity, experience, and academic excellence that you bring to our campus.  Our faculty and staff understand the many responsibilities and obligations that adults have and do their best to accommodate your needs.  Starting or returning to college is a huge step and we are here to help you with the process.

As an adult learner, you can join others who are:
•    starting college for the first time
•    returning to complete a degree or professional certificate
•    pursuing training to re-enter the workforce or seeking a career change
•    interested in career development
•    exploring interests for personal growth

Who is an Adult Learner?

An adult learner is a person deemed as an independent student defined as one of the following:
•    At least 24 years old    
•    Married     
•    A veteran
•    A member of the armed forces
•    An orphan
•    A ward of the court
•    Someone with legal dependents
•    An emancipated minor 
•    Someone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Support for Challenges

Successful students attend class and make time to do the class work.  We understand that adult learners often have to juggle family, work and college.  That can be tough.  Traditional classes require quite a bit of work, and while online classes offer flexibility, students need to be aware that online classes require much self-discipline and have the same amount of homework and assignments.  Never hesitate to ask for help as we are glad to listen and help you find solutions to your challenges.

The college communicates important information and tips for doing well in college on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  The Vol State Facebook page also has a Group Discussion section where students can ask questions and seek advice from each other.  If you “like” the main Facebook page you will be able to join the discussion group once you are accepted. 

Four Convenient Locations

Classes are offered at four locations so you can build a schedule that works for you.
Online classes are also a great option for adult learners to maintain a flexible schedule.

  • Gallatin
  • Cookeville
  • Livingston
  • Springfield

Hours of Operation and Appointments

When classes are in session, including final exams:
  • Monday – Thursday
    • 8:00 am – 4:30 pm office hours (Gallatin Campus)
    • 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm (phone or virtual appointment only)
  • Friday
    • 8:00 am – 4:30 pm office hours (Gallatin Campus)
During Summer sessions and when classes are not in session:
  • Monday – Friday
    • 8:00 am – 4:30 pm office hours (Gallatin Campus), with after-hour appointments available upon request

Appointments can be scheduled:, select Adult Learners & VA (or select ALVA-Military Affiliation, if you need Veteran Affairs assistance)