Readmission of Service Members

In accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Volunteer State Community College (VSCC) will promptly readmit service members with the same academic status they had when they last attended the institution or were accepted for admission prior to deployment. This readmission applies to any student unable to attend school due to military service.

The Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs is the designated office at the college that a student will contact to provide both notification of service and notification of intent to return.


  1. The institution is given notice of the service member's absence for service.
  2. The cumulative length of the absence and of all previous absences from the institution for military service may not exceed five (5) years. Only the time the student spends actually performing service is counted.
  3. The service member gives notice of his/her intent to return within the applicable time limit.

The service member or an appropriate officer of the Armed Forces must provide a notice of absence for service to the Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs. The notice of absence for service may be oral or written.

Notice of Intent to Return

Service members returning from active duty must submit a notice of intent to re-enroll to the Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs before registering for classes. 

For readmission to the college, service members must submit an Application for Readmission.

Upon readmission, returning students are allowed to continue in the same academic program under the guidelines of the college’s five-year catalog limit. The College will make every reasonable effort to assist students in resuming their program. If the exact program is no longer available, the student will be admitted to a similar program unless the student chooses a different program.

In accordance with federal regulations, a service member's eligibility for readmission to the college as outlined in VSCC Policy III:14:03 Recruitment Enrollment and Readmission of Service Members and Reservists, terminates upon the occurrence of a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge. However, service members who receive dishonorable or bad conduct discharge may remain eligible for readmission under VSCC's general readmissions policy.