Social Science and Education Division

The social science and education program is an interdisciplinary option for students wishing for a broad preparation encompassing the disciplines of sociology, psychology, history, economics, political science, and more.

The social science and education program teaches students about the social, psychological, and political interactions of people and institutions. Students are prepared for careers in behavioral science, political science, and psychology and development.

Social science and education students utilize strong critical thinking skills with writing, researching and modern data analysis in order to recognize trends and patterns. Researching data and analyzing the results is a major part of what social scientists do in order to record information and use it as statistical evidence to support organizational decisions.

Social scientists are interested in people. They are concerned with the many aspects of society - from sociology to history. They study how people behave individually and in groups; seek to understand the human mind; and work to help others in many different fields. A degree in the social science and education program could open the door to a wide variety of career opportunities. With this program you have many ways to make a difference.

By earning a degree in social science and education students will be able to apply their skills in a variety of career areas including: Community Service, Elder Care, Government, Health Services, Education, Human Resources, Administration, Counselor, Social Worker, Public Service Administrator, Minister, Politician, Diplomat.