Social Science and Education Division

Endless Career Possibilities Await

With a degree in the field of Social Science and Education, your potential knows no bounds. We empower our graduates to forge careers in behavioral science, political science, psychology, and education, equipping them with the tools to analyze, understand, and influence the world around them.

Join the ranks of professionals making a positive impact in fields such as Community Service, Elder Care, Government, Health Services, Education, Human Resources, Administration, Counseling, Social Work, Public Service Administration, Ministry, Politics, or Diplomacy.

Discover the World of Social Science and Education

Are you ready to embark on an exciting learning adventure that investigates how people and society work? The Social Science and Education academic division offers a variety of interesting pathways such as sociology, psychology, history, economics, and politics.

We offer several associate degrees designed for transferring directly to one of Tennessee’s four-year universities and some certificate and applied science options for starting or advancing your career. We also offer some unique courses to help you fulfill your General Education requirements while exploring the world around you.

Social Science and Education Programs