eLearn Success

ELearn is the name for the Vol State course management system. It is a platform where connections are made between students, faculty, and course materials. This is where "online" classes happen. Hybrid and web-enhanced, on-ground courses also utilize eLearn's administrative and interactive capabilities. Because it is online, eLearn allows for "anytime, anywhere" access to learning, including:

  • Access course materials anytime, anywhere they have internet access
  • Collaborate online
  • Engage in course related activities in a single environment
  • Learn new technology skills

Help for eLearn

Help for eLearn is available in a variety of forms. Listed below is a brief description of the basic eLearn tools with links to helpful information. The Tip Sheet also offers some useful tips and information about eLearn in general.

  • Classlist - The Classlist provides a list of students currently enrolled in a course and an easy way to send course mail.
  • Content - The Content tool is the main place you will go to get course material to read, watch, and learn from.
  • Discussions - The Discussions tool can be used for online discussions between you, other students, and your instructor.
  • Dropbox - The Dropbox tool is a place where you will submit assignments to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped. (Not the same as Dropbox.com!)
  • Grades & User Progress - The Grades tool allows you to view your grade for the course. User Progress allows you to view grades, feedback, and other statistics on your engagement in the online course.
  • MyHome - My Home is the main entry page for eLearn. It is the first page you see after signing in to eLearn. Like the Course Home page, this page contains a News section. However, this News section is controlled by the eLearn Distributed Education staff and is used for system announcements.
  • Course Mail - eLearn has its own internal e-mail system that can only be used within the system for courses. You cannot send email to an outside email address, nor can you receive email from an outside source when using Course Mail. 
  • Preferences - The Account Settings tool allows you to set up your preferences for font, time zone, video, and some email/course mail options. Customizing your personal account settings is a great way to ensure that you are comfortable in your online learning environment.
  • Quizzes - The quiz tool is where you can take quizzes and exams online. Usage varies by course, so be sure to check with your instructor for where and how your tests will be handled.